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Bontrager Ch 11

WTF is this?No Shit Sherlock
Bones of the Calvaria? Frontal, R/L Parietal, Occipital (4)
Bones of Floor of Cranium? Ethmoid, Sphenoid, R/L Temporal (4)
Portion of Frontal bone that forms forehead? Squamous Portion
Portion of Frontal bone that forms the Superior aspects of the Orbits? Horizontal (Orbital) Portion
Frontal bone articulates with which Cranialbones? (4) R/L Parietal, Sphenoid, Ethmoid
Which bones form the Lateral walls and part of the roof of Cranium? Parietal bones (R/L)
Where is the skull the widest? Btwn Parietal Tubercles
Parietal bone articulates with which Cranial bones? (5) Frontal, Occipital, Temporal, Sphenoid, opposite Parietal
Which bone forms the Inferoposterior portion of the Calvaria? Occipital
Which bone contains the Foramen Magnum? Occipital
Occipital bone articulates with which Cranial bones? (6) R/L Parietal, R/L Temporal, Sphenoid, Atlas of C1
Which aspect of Occipital bone creates the Atlantooccipital joint? Occipital Condyles
Orbital Plates are at the level of what bony landmark? SOG - Supraorbital Groove
What structure separates the Orbital Plates? Ethmoid Notch (Of Frontal Bone)
Which bones sit between Sphenoid and Occipital? R/L Temporal
Anterior projection of Temporal bone that contributes to cheek bone? Zygomatic Process
Point anterior to EAM where mandible sits? Temporomandibular Fossa
Temporal bone articulates with Mandible to form which joint? TMJ - Temporomandibular Joint
Temporal bone articulates with which Cranial bones? (3) 1 Parietal, Occipital, Sphenoid
Thin upper part of Temporal bone, most susceptible to fracture? Squamous Portion
Densest portion of skull, houses organs of hearing & equilibrium? Petrous Portion of Temporal
Other terms for Petrous Portion of Temporal Petrous Pyramid, Pars Petrosa, Petromastoid Portion
Mastoid Portion of Temporal is at the level of which vertebra? C1
Petrous Ridge is at the level of which landmark? TEA - Top of Ear Attachment
Jugular Foramen and Internal Auditory Meatus are found where? Petrous Ridge (Temporal)
Which bone forms the anchor for all Cranial bones? Sphenoid
Sphenoid articulates with which Cranial bones? (7) R/L Parietal, R/L Temporal, Frontal, Occipital, Ethmoid
Which part of Sphenoid forms portion of floor and sides of cranium? Greater Wings
Foramina in Greater Wings for passage of cranial nerves? Foramen Rotundum, Foramen Ovale, Foramen Spinosum
Sella Turcica surrounds what? Pituitary Gland
___ leads to the Optic Canal which ends in the Optic Foramen? Chiasmatic (Optic) Groove
Deformity of the Sella Turcica can indicate ___ ? Lesions
Ethmoid articulates with which Cranial bones? (2) Frontal, Sphenoid
Portion of Ethmoid that forms medial walls of orbits? Lateral Labyrinths/Masses
Portion of Ethmoid with many small foramina for olfactory nerves? Cribiform Plate
Separates 2 Parietal bones Sagittal Suture
Separates Frontal & Parietals Coronal Suture
Separates Parietals & Occipital Lambdoidal Suture
Separates Parietal & Temporal Squamosal Suture
Junction at anterior end of Sagittal Suture Bregma
Junction at posterior end of Sagittal Suture Lambda
Junction of Parietal, Temporal, Greater Wing of Sphenoid R/L Pterion
Junction of Squamosal & Lambdoidal Sutures R/L Asterion
Asterion are formed from which infant Fontanels? R/L Mastoid Fontanels
Pterion are formed from which infant Fontanels? R/L Sphenoid Fontanels
An infant's Anterior Fontanel becomes what adult junction? Bregma
An infant's Posterior Fontanel becomes what adult junction? Lambda
___ is the largest fontanel. It does not completely close until ___? Anterior, 18 months
Portion of lateral rim near outer canthus? Midlateral Orbital Margin
Which bones have a squamous or flat portion? Frontal, Occipital, Temporal
This classification of skull has a width 75-80% of it's length? Mesocephalic
kVp for skull? 75-85
Common positioning errors Rotation, Tilt, excess Flexion, excess Extension, wrong tube angle
Anterior/Posterior separation of parts like mandibular rami show ___? Rotation
Superior/Inferior separation of parts like orbital roofs show ____? Tilt
Mesocephalic Petrous Ridge is __° from MSP? Dolicocephalic? Brachycephalic? 47° Meso, ±40° Dolico, ±54° Brachy
Central ray and tube angle for AP Axial (Towne)? CR 30° Caudal to OML, 2.5" ↑ Glabella
What is error if Dorsum Sellae is in Foramen Magnum on Towne projection? Under Angulation of tube or insufficient Flexion
What is error if Anterior Arch of C1 is in Foramen Magnum on Towne projection? Over Angulation of tube or excessive Flexion
CR for LAT skull? Relevant Lines? CR 2" ↑ EAM, MSP parallel & Interpupillary Ʇ IR (IOML Ʇ front IR)
Which projection best visualizes Anterior & Posterior Clinoid Processes? LAT skull
CR & Tube Angle for PA Caldwell? Relevant Lines? CR 15° Caudal, Exit at Nasion, OML Ʇ IR
CR & Tube Angle for PA skull? Relevant Lines? CR 0°, Exit at Glabella, OML Ʇ IR
When use 30° Caudal on PA skull? Visualize (IOM) Infraorbital Margin
On which projection do the Petrous Ridges fill the Orbits? 0° PA Skull
Where should the Petrous Ridges be for 15° Caldwell? Lower 1/3 of Orbits
CR & Tube Angle for Trauma skull? CR parallel to OML at Glabella
How can you differentiate AP vs PA skull? Orbits magnified on AP
CR & Tube Angle for SMV skull? Relevant Lines? CR Ʇ to IOML & IR, 1.5" ↓ Mandibular Symphysis
For SMV, IOML is __ to IR? IOML is __ to CR? Parallel to IR, Ʇ to CR
Which projection best demonstrates the Occipital bone and Foramen Magnum? SMV - Submentovertex
For SMV, the Frontal bone should superimpose __ ? Mandibular Symphasis
For SMV, the Mandibular Condyles should be (anterior/posterior) to Petrous Pyramids? Anterior
How do you correct for Mandibular Condyles in Petrous Ridge on SMV? Extend head back more
CR & Tube Angle for PA Haas? Relevant Lines? CR 25° Cephalic, Exit 1.5"↑ Nasion, OML Ʇ IR
Which projection demonstrates Dorsum Sellae and Posterior Clinoids within Foramen Magnum? PA Axial - Haas
There is a __ difference btwn the orbitomeatal and infraorbitomeatal lines? 7-8°
What CR angle is required for PA Axial if the IOML is Ʇ to the IR? If OML? 37° vs 30° w OML
Created by: RadTechTKD