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Spell verbals for Aftermath

Age Limb I call upon time to age your< limb> LVL 7 10 Min
Armor I draw upon Celestial arts to grant you an armor to protect you LVL 2 5 Game Days
Charm I charm you to do my bidding LVL 6 1 Hour
Circle of power I cast a circle of power about me, let none enter here LVL 9 10 min. If formal ritual is started in the circle it will not go down until ritual is complete
Delayed Empower I call upon Celestial arts to empower you with a delayed empower LVL 2 5 game days
Destroy Mind With mental might I destroy your mind. LVL 7 Instant
Detect Magic "I call upon the mystic forces to detect all magics before me." LVL 2 Instant
Disarm I disarm you of your <item> LVL 1 5 Seconds
Disjunction I disjunct all magics with the power of entropy LVL 8 Instant
Dispel Greater Magic I call forth entropy to dispel all greater magics before me LVL 6 Instant
Dispel Lesser Magic I call upon entropy to dispel all lesser magics before me LVL 3 Instant
Doom I set your doom upon you LVL 9 Instant
Dragon's Breath I call upon the dragon's breath LVL 8 Instant
Drain Life With vampyric power, I drain your life LVL 7 10 minutes
Elemental Fury I summon forth a fury from the plane of <element> LVL 8 Instant
Empower I empower you that you have the strength of giants LVL 1 5 game days
Enchanted Blade I call upon Celestial arts to enchant your blade with magic LVL 4 5 in game days
Flame Bolt I call forth a flame bolt LVL 4 Instant
Honesty I charge you with honesty to reveal the answers i seek LVL 3 1 hour
Ice Bolt I strike you with an ice bolt LVL 3 Instant
Ice Storm From the north I call an ice storm forth LVL 7 Instant
Lightening Bolt I summon forth a lighting bolt LVL 2 Instant
Lightening Storm I call down a storm of thunder and lightening LVL 6 Instant
Mage Armor I cast and eldritch force upon you, mage armor to protect you LVL 5 5 game days
Magic Missile I smite you with a magic missile LVL 1 Instant
Major Spell Shield This charm will give you a major spell shield to protect you LVL 5 5 game days
Mind Blast I release a bolt to mind blast my foe LVL 5 Instant
Minor Spell Shield This charm will give you a minor spell shield to protect you LVL 4 5 Game Days
Reflect Magic I give you a charm to reflect magic sent against you LVL 6 5 game days
Repulse I repulse this being from me LVL 2 Concentration
Shatter I summon a force to shatter your <item> LVL 3 Instant
Shatter Armor I shatter armor as I would glass LVL 5 Instant
Shield I weave a mystic force to shield you from harm LVL 1 5 game days
Silence I bind your throat with a cord of silence LVL 5 10 Min
Snare with mystic force I snare your arms LVL 4 Line of sight
Trance I drop you into a trance LVL 5 10 min
Trap I trap you where you stand LVL 3 Line of Sight
Wall of Force I build a wall of force barring all entry LVL 7 Line of sight
Ward I froma ward about this place so that only the possessor of the key may enter LVL 9 1 Event
Web A web of force will seal your fate LVL 6 Line of Sight
Wizard's Lock I build a wizards lock that none may enter without the key LVL 7 1 event
Created by: Saintb
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