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Animal Group Names

a herd of: antelope, ass, buffalo, camel, cattle, crane, deer, elephant, giraffe, goat, horse, pigs
a drove of: ass (also pace of ass), cattle
a band of: jays
a cete of: badgers
a sloth of: bears
a swarm of: bees
a hive of: bees
a sounder of: boars
a clowder of: cats
a cluster of: cats
a kindle of: young kittens
a troop of: kangaroos
a brood of: chickens
a flock of: ckickens
a murder of: crows
a team of: ducks in flight
a paddling of: ducks in water
a convocation of: eagles
a swarm of: eels
a gang of: elk
a business of: ferrets
a charm of: finches, hummingbirds
a shoal of: fish, mackerael
an army of: frogs
a skulk of: foxes
a tribe of: goats (also flock or herd)
a skein of: geese (on the wing; gaggle is on the water)
a convey of: grouse (large numbers)
a colony of: gulls
a drove of: hare (also trace of hare)
a nest of: mice
a flight of: hawk
a seige of: heron
a glean of: herring (also a shoal)
an exaltation of: larks
a barren of: mules (also rake of mules)
a watch of: nightengales
a covey of: partridges
a muster of: peafowl
a nye of: young pheasants
a school of: porpoises
a bevy of: quail
an unkindness of: ravens
a crash of: rhinoceros
a crash, heard, or pod of: seals
a host of: sparrow
a dray of: squirrels
a chattering of: starlings
a mustering of: stork
a wedge of: swan
a sounder of: swine
a knot of: toads
a rafter of: turkeys
a gam of: whales
a rout of: wolves
a clew of: worms
bear: baby: cub male: boar female: sow group: sleuth/sloth adj: ursine
bee: (baby): larva (male): drone (female): queen/worker (group): swarm/hive (adj): apian
cat: (baby): kitten (male): tom (female): queen(group): clutter/clowder (adj): feline
cattle: (baby): calf (male): bull (female): cow(group): drove/herd (adj): bovine
chimp/monkey: (baby): baby (male): male (female): female(group): cartload (adj): simian
crocodile: (baby): crocklet (male): bull (female): cow (group): congregation/bask(adj): crocodilian
crow: (baby): chick (male): cock (female): hen(group): murder/hoarde (adj): --
dolphin: (baby): pup (male): bull (female): cow (group): pod (adj): --
donkey: (baby): foal (male): jack (female): jenny (group): herd/drove (adj): asinine
ferret: (baby): kit (male): hob (female): jill (group): business (adj): ferrety
fox: (baby): kit/cub/pup (male): dog/todd (female): vixen (group):leash/skulk (adj): vulpine
goat: (baby): kid (male): billy (female): nanny(group): trip/tribe/flock (adj): goatish
goose: (baby): gosling (male): gander (female): goose(group): gaggle (adj): --
horse: (baby): foal (male): stallion (female): mare (group): herd (adj): equine
kangaroo: (baby): joey (male): buck/jack (female): jill/doe (group): mob/troup (adj): --
lion: (baby): cub (male): lion (female): lioness (group): pride (adj): leonine
pig: (baby): piglet/shoat (male): boar (female): sow (group): sounder (adj): porcine
porcupine: (baby): pup (male): boar (female): sow (group): prickle (adj): --
rabbit: (baby): bunny/kitten (male): buck (female): doe (group): nest/warren (adj): rabbity
shark: (baby): pup (male): bull (female): female (group): school/shiver (adj): sharklike
sheep: (baby): lamb (male): ram (female): ewe (group): flock/drove (adj): ovine
swan: (baby): cygnet (male): cob (female): pen(group): bevy/wedge (adj): swanlike
Created by: kvilleneuve
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