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Africa Unit 3.1

Africa Geography

drought periods of little rainfall.
nomads people who move from place to place looking for water or food.
deforestation the process of cutting or burning trees and other vegetation from land; has occurred with 90% of African rain forests because of logging, road building, and poor farming.
desertification the process of land becoming like a desert, due to destructive land use or climate change, such as drought.
subsistence farming farming that provides for the basic needs of the farmer's family, with little or nothing left over to sell.
slash and burn a form of agriculture in which an area of forest is cleared by cutting and burning and is then planted, usually for several seasons, before being left behind.
infrastructure the basic physical systems of a country's population, including roads, utilities, healthcare, water, and sewage.
savanna rolling grassland and scattered trees and shrubs.
tropical rainforest a dense evergreen forest that receives at least 60 inches of annual rainfall and has constant warm temperatures; contains a wide variety of plant and animal life.
oasis a small place in a desert where trees are able to grow and where people can live with grazing animals and a few crops.
Sahara world's largest desert, covering most of Northern Africa.
Sahel transition zone south of Sahara and north of equator that separates the Sahara from tropical rain forests; has become more of a desert in recent years.
Nile River world's longest river, which flows northward out of the mountains of Central Africa through eastern Africa into the Mediterranean Sea.
Lake Victoria headwaters (beginning) reservoir for the Nile River and also the largest lake in Africa; second largest freshwater lake in the world.
Congo River Second longest river in Africa; crosses the equator twice and is surrounded by rainforest.
Mt. Kilimanjaro Highest mountain on the Africa continent. Located in the country of Tanzania.
Great Rift Valley In Africa, a place where the earth’s tetonic forces are presently trying to create new plates by splitting apart new ones
Niger River River is the third largest river in Africa and it runs over 2,600 miles
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