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Website Authority

Terms for critiquing authority of information

belief or prejudice that makes it difficult to give impartial or balanced information bias
part of URL (web address) that tells the type of organization, geographical location, or both .gov .org .edu .k12 domain
how up-to-date information is (or is not) currency
evidence of authority, status, rights, etc., especially professional or educational (MD, PhD, MS, BA, Associates Degree, etc., CPA, DVM) credentials
a person or organization that finances or pays the costs of developing and maintaining a website. sponsorship
Universal Resource Locator: address of a website, http:// URL
an accepted source of information; oran expert on a subject authority
how true, precise or correct information is accuracy
person who checks a publication for accuracy before it goes to print, among other things editor
when a website was last edited, updated, or changed revision date
trustworthiness and accuracy; comes from a reputable source reliability
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy, and example of a credential
.k12 domain pointing to a public school site
.com domain pointing to a commercial website
M.S. Master of Science, and example of a credential. This doesnt dell us what kind of science.
M.D. Medical Doctor, credential
D.V.M. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Created by: latorrel