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Root words

Abjure To renounce , reject; or give up rights or allegiances on oath.
benefactor a good person who offers help or donates money
contradict to speak against; to say the opposite
equilateral having all sides equal in length
Immutable unchangeable
centenarian a person who is at least 100 years old
malefactor an evildoer; a person who does bad things
psychosis condition of mental illness
soliloquy speech made to oneself when alone
aagribusiness farming as industry
circumnavigate to go completely around
durable sturdy; able to hold up for a long period of time; lasting
bachelorette an unmarried female
interactive involving people playing among themselves; an exchange of activity or information between people or people and a computer
abusive tending to be physically injurious
navigator a person who is trained to plan the course of and to drive a ship or plane
conscience a source of moral or ethical judgment; knowing right from wrong
spectator (n) one who watches or views
inaudible not able to be heard
Corporal of or relating to the body
oversee supervise (a person or work), especially in an official capacity.
hydraulics being operated by or using a liquid
specialist a person who is highly trained or talented in a skill
lunarscape the landscape of the moon
centipede a creature with 100 feet
nonsense of little importance; ridiculous; unimportant
unicorn a horse-like fabled animal that has one horn growing out of the middle of its forehead
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