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AMND (english fin.)

Wilson 8th grade english final for A Midsummer Nights Dream

1Who is the kind and generous Duke of Athens? Theseus
1Who is the Duke planning to marry? Hippolyta
1How did the Duke meet Hippolyta? He conquered the Amazons, She was their Queen
1How does the duke feel about the impending marriage? How Does Hippolyta feel? He is excited, and she is not thrilled
1Who is the Duke's servant in charge of the wedding entertainment? Philostrate
1Why is Egeus upset with his daughter Hermia? What punishment does he suggest? She won't marry who he wants her to, he suggest death ( for disobeying )
1Who does Egeus want Hermia to marry? Demetrius
1Who does Hermia want to marry (in act 1)? Lysander
1what choices does the duke give to Hermia? death, Marry Demetrius, or become a nun (single life)
1When must Hermia's decision be made? 4 days ( dukes wedding ) the next new moon
1What is lysander's basis for his arguement? He is just as wealthy (if not more) & respected as Demetrius and Hermia loves HIM.
1When Lysander and Hermia are alone, what course of action does Lysander suggest? Explain. To run away to his Aunt's house to elope, is Aunt lives outside of Athens so they wouldn't have to follow Athenian Law.
1What is Hermia's answer to his suggestion? yes
1Why is hermia's friend Helena upset? Demetrius ditche her for Hermia
1Who does Helena wish to be like? Why? Hermia, then Demetrius would love her (helena).
1What is the secret Lysander confides to Helena? Hermia & him are running away
1What does Helena decide to do with her newly learned information (Hermia & Lysander are running away)? Why? Tell Demetrius, to win him back, she thinks that if she tells him he will be so happy to know and so mad at Hermia that he will come back to her.
2Where are "the rustics" meeting? Quince's house
2What is the purpose of this meeting? to assign parts, give scrips, say where they will meet to practice
2Who is the director or their play Quince
2Who is chosen to play the part of Pyramus, the lover? Bottom
2What part would Bottom rather play? any & all
2Who is chosen to play the female part of Thisby? Flute
What excuse does the character who is 2playing Thisby try to use to get out of playing the part? he has "a beard coming in"
2Who is very excited and wants to play all the parts? Bottom
2Where and when do these men plan to meet to rehearse ther play? Why meet there? Tomorrow night, in the woods, so thy won't be bothered
2What is the name of the play to be rehearse? The Most Lamentably Comedy and Most Cruel Death of PYRAMUS & THISBY ( or THISBE)
How many really successful comedies had Shakespheare written before "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ? None
Why was this play written? entertainment for a friend's wedding
Why was it not to be take seriously? it contains no fear or pity
How many plots are there? 4
What is the first plot? Theseus and Hippolyta, Story begins with their upcoming marriage and ends with their marriage ( framing )
What is the second plot? plot of lovers, Hermia & Lysander, Helena & Demetris ( before play starts & at the end ) Hermia & Demetris, Lysander & Helena ( in the middle )
What is the third plot? Plot of the "prime movers" ( Fairies ) Supernatural world
What is the forth plot? Plot of rustics ( play within a play )
Why are the woods important? Main action occurs here
Why does shakespeare pick the woods? 1)easy 2 get lost2)Shakespeare can have 4 plots going on at once3)in romantic comedy, nature is important-emotion&nature take over*in a city=to much law&order *Go to nature to find yourself (peace,quiet, privacy,happiness)4)Magic occurs best in the forest
Magic is the key, what is the fantasy that occurs due largely to? the moon
What kind of personalities do the fairies have? what are they responsible for? three-dimensional personalities, most of the humor & mischief
What do the fairies have a full range of? Human emotions ( jealously, greed, love, stubborness, ect. )
Who are the rustics? Comic relief- after a high action scene comes a comical anticlimax, not much imgination, they spoke in prose ( normal, not rhyming )
What is Willing Suspension of Disbeleif? It is essential for us to beleive in midsummer madness, fairies, and magical powers
What is Blank verse ( what Shakespeare wrote in)? unrhymed line in iambic pentamerer (10-11 syllables per lice, accent on every other syllable) PROSE:common ordinary, everyday speech with no metrical form (lowest class=prose)SOLILOQUY:when a character stands alone on stage and tlaks 2 himself or audience
What is the setting of this play? Athens
Who is Theseus? He is the duke of Athens and is to marry Queen Hippolyta in four days. He is fair and just duke who cares greatly for his people.
Who is Hippolyta? As Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta was a legendary, courageous warrior. She had battled and lost to Theseus, now she must marry him. She serves mainly as the female coive in the Athenian Palace.
Who is Egeus? He is Hermia's father and he insists that she marry the man he had chosen for her. He will ask the duke and his law to force her to do so.
Who is Hermia? SHe is in love with Lysander and wants to marry him.
Who is Lysander? He is nin love with Hermia and wants to marry her.
Who is Helena? She had been loved by Demetrius once, but he no longer loves her. She is still desperately in love with him.
Who is Demetrius? He used to love Helena
Who is Nick Bottom? He is a weaver in the village. OF the workingmen putting on the play, he is the loudest, boldest, and funniest. Despite this, he is very likeable. To us he is a clown, to his fellow workingmen, he is a figure of authority
Who is Puck? (Robin Goodfellow) He is a sprite who performs his work for Oberon, Kind of the Fairies, He enjoys using his magical powers to play tricks on the mortals.
Who is King Oberon? He is King of the Fairies, and controls much of the events that occur in the woods. He and his wife Titania are fighting, this causes many problems for all.
Who is Queen Titania? She is Queen of the Fairies, She is beautiful, jealous, and strong wille. Her main goal is to keep her beloved Indian Boy.
Who is Philostrate? He is in charge of entertainment for the duke's wedding. He introduces Bottom and all the players for the 'play within a play'.
Who is Quince? He is a carpenter in Athens and the director of the players in "Pyramus and Thisbe"
Who is Flute? He is a bellows-mender in Athens and one of the actors. He does not wish to play the part of a woman. (Thisby)
Who is Snout? He is a tinker and another one of the actors. He plays the part of the wall.
Who is Starveling? He is the tailor of Athens and plays the part of Thisbe's mother.
Who is Snug? He is a joiner (woodworker) and plays the part of the lion in the play.
Who is Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed? These are fairies tending to Titania, and later to Bottom. They have no distinct identity except as their presence onstage as attendants.
Little Indian Boy Although he never says one line in the play and often times never appears, he is the reason for the argument between Oberon and Titania, which sets off the magaical chain of events.
Created by: horsefanatic63
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