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Adenosine Action Depresses AV nodal conduction
Adenosine Indications Stable PSVT
Adenosine Contraindications A) second degree AV block B) complete heart block
Adenosine Side effects (4) 1. Transient flushing 2. Dyspnea 3. Chest pain 4. Dysrhythmia
Adenosine Dosage Adult: 6 mg 12 mg Pediatric: 0.1 mg/kg 0.2 mg/kg 0.2 mg/kg
Albuterol Action Beta-adrenergic bronchodilator
Albuterol Indications A) asthma B) COPD
Albuterol Contraindications None
Albuterol Side effects (6) Tremor, palpitations, tachycardia, HTN, anxiety, headache
Albuterol Dosage Adults: 2.5mg nebulized Repeat twice PRN Pediatric: 2.5 mg nebulized
Amiodarone Action Antidysrthmic with complex mechanism of action
Amiodarone Indications Vfib, Vtach
Amiodarone Contraindications None in cardiac arrest
Amiodarone Side effects None in cardiac arrest
Amiodarone Dosage Adult Cardiac arrest: 300mg Stable Vtach: 150mg over 10 min Infusion: 1mg/min
Amiodarone Dosage Pediatric Cardiac arrest: 5mg/kg max 15 mg/kg Stable Vtach: 5mg/kg over 10 min
Aspirin Action Inhibits platelet aggregation
Aspirin Indication ACS
Aspirin Contraindications (4) Hypersensitivity, stroke, peptic ulcer, asthma
Aspirin Side effects (2) Upset stomach, gastritis
Aspirin Dosage 324 mg
Atropine Action Blocks parasympathetic nerve activity
Atropine Indications Symtomatic bradycardia
Atropine Contraindications High degree blocks
Atropine side effects (3) Tachycardia, dilated pupils, dry mouth
Atropine Dosage Adult: 0.5 mg 3-5 min max 3 Pediatric: 0.02 mg/kg 3-5 min max 1
Dextrose Action Directly elevates serum glucose
Dextrose Indications Hypoglycemia
Dextrose Contraindications None
Dextrose Side effects Soft tissue damage in blown IV, may worsen neurological injury in stroke
Dextrose Dosage Adult: 25-50 ml Pediatric: 0.5g/kg
Diltiazem Action Calcium channel blocker which slows AV nodal conduction
Diltiazem Indications AFIB/flirted with sustained ventricular response over 120/min
Diltiazem Contraindications (3) Broad-complex tach, 2nd or 3rd degree block, WPW
Diltiazem Side effects (2) Hypotension, bradycardia
Diltiazem Dosage 0.25 mg/kg over 2 min May repeat in 10 min 0.35 mg/kg over 2 min
Diphenhydramine Action Antihistamine
Diphenhydramine Indications Allergic reactions
Diphenhydramine Contraindications (2) Glaucoma, Newborn infants
Diphenhydramine Side effects (4) Dryness of mucous membranes, thickening of bronchial secretions, sedation, blurred vision
Diphenhydramine Dosage Adults: 25-50 Pediatrics: 1mg/kg
Dopamine Action Catecholamine precursor which stimulates dopaminergic, beta adrenergic and alpha adrenergic receptors
Dopamine Indications (4) 1)cardiogenic shock 2)Hypotension w/ no HV 3) S Brady refractory to TCP 4) hypotension w Bradycardia
Dopamine Contraindications Known hypovolemia
Dopamine Side effects (3) 1)Tachycardia 2)ventricular ectopy 3) increased myocardial oxygen demand
Dopamine Dosage 5mcg/kg/min
Epi 1:10,000 Action (7) Alpha and beta adrenergic, systemic vascular resistance, HR, BP, strength of myocardial contraction, coronary and cerebral blood flow and automaticity.
Epi 1:10,000 Indications (2) Adults: cardiac arrest Pediatrics: symptomatic bradycardia
Epi 1:10,000 Contraindications None
Epi 1:10,000 Side effects None
Epi 1:10,000 Dosage Adults: 1mg 3-5 min Pediatrics: 0.01 mg/kg 3-5 min
Epi 1:1,000 Actions Catecholamine used in treatment of allergic reactions
Epi 1:1,000 Indications 1) allergic reactions 2) Asthma/COPD
Epi 1:1,000 Contraindications Adults > 45 years of age (OLMC)
Epi 1:1,000 Side effects (5) 1)palpitations 2)arrhythmias 3)HTN 4)anxiety 5)tremulousness
Epi 1:1,000 Dosage Adults: 0.3mg Pediatrics: 0.01mg/kg max 0.3
Etomidate Action Short-acting hypnotic agent used for induction of general anesthesia
Etomidate Indications (3) 1) cardioversion 2)RSI 3)Unstable Vtach,PSVT, AFIB/flutter
Etomidate Contraindications None
Etomidate Side effects (4) 1)apnea 2)hypotension 3)vomiting 4)adrenocortical suppression
Etomidate Dosage Adults: 0.3mg/kg max 30 Pediatrics: 0.3mg/kg max 10.8
Furosemide Actions Diuresis
Furosemide Indications CHF
Furosemide Contraindications None
Furosemide Side effects None
Furosemide Dosage 1mg/kg max100
Glucagon Action Increases serum glucose by conversion of hepatic glycogen
Glucagon Indications Hypoglycemia if IV unsuccessful
Glucagon Contraindications None
Glucagon Side effects None
Glucagon Dosage Adult: 1mg Pediatrics: 0.5mg 3-18kg. 1mg 19-36kg
Haloperidol Action Major tranquilizer as adjunct to physical restraint in behavioral emergencies
Haloperidol Indications Behavioral emergencies
Haloperidol Contraindications (4) 1)Hypotension, 2)tachycardia, (3)dysrhythmia, (4)known seizure disorder
Haloperidol Side effects (4) 1)hypotension, 2)tachycardia, 3)dystonia, 4)lowered seizure threshold
Haloperidol Dosage 5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg
Hydroxocobalamine Indications Treatment of known or suspected cyanide poisoning
Hydroxocobalamine Contraindications None
Hydroxocobalamine Side effects Increased blood pressure, allergic reactions
Hydroxocobalamine Dosage Manufacturer's guidelines
Hydromorphone HCL Action Narcotic analgesic which relieves pain and anxiety and dilates blood vessels
Hydromorphone HCL Indications Adult pain management, including burns, ACS and pacing. Pediatric pain management for > 1 year of age only.
Hydromorphone Contraindications Any indications other than pain management
Hydromorphone HCL Side effects (5) 1)respiratory depression, 2)hypoxia, 3)hypotension, 4)nausea, 5)vomiting
Hydromorphone HCL Dosage Adult: 0.5-2mg increments of 0.5 Pediatrics: 0.015mg/kg max0.5
Ipratropium Action Bronchodilator
Ipratropium Indications (2) 1) adult obstructive pulmonary disease 2) pediatric respiratory distress(asthma)
Ipratropium Contraindications None
Ipratropium Side effects (6) 1)tremor, 2)palpitations, 3)tachycardia, 4)HTN, 5)anxiety, 6)headache
Ipratropium Dosage Adult: 0.5mg Pediatric: 0.25mg
Lidocaine Action Local anesthetic action
Lidocaine Indications Optional pain management for IO infusion, always follow with NS flush.
Lidocaine Contraindications Known history of hypersensitivity to drug
Lidocaine Side effects (3) 1)allergic reactions, 2)drowsiness, 3)lightheaded
Lidocaine Dosage Adult: 20-40mg
Methylprednisolone Action Corticosteroid which stabilizes membranes and decreases inflammation
Methylprednisolone Indications (3) 1)allergic reactions 2)COPD 3)pediatric asthma
Methylprednisolone Contraindications None
Methylprednisolone Side effects None
Methylprednisolone Dosage Adult: 125mg Pediatrics: 2mg/kg
Midazolam Action ' Benzodiazepine sedative, useful for terminating status elipticus
Midazolam Indications (4) 1)seizures, 2)status elipticus, 3)sedation following RSI, 4)behavioral restraint after administration of rocuronium and for discomfort associated with cardiac pacing.
Midazolam Contraindications None
Midazolam Side effects (2) 1)respiratory depression, 2)hypotension
Midazolam Dosage Adult: 5mg, 2.5, 2.5 Pediatric: 0.05 mg/kg max 1.8
Naxalone Actions Narcotic antagonist
Naloxone Indications Known or suspected opioid OD, especially with respiratory depression.
Naloxone Contraindications None
Naloxone Side effects Acute withdrawal syndrome in opioid addicts
Naloxone Dosage Adult: 0.4-2mg Pediatrics: 0.1mg/kg
Nitroglycerin action (3) Dilates coronary arteries by relaxing vascular smooth muscle. Increases myocardial blood flow and decreases myocardial work.
Nitroglycerin Indications (2) A) chest pain B) CHF
Nitroglycerin Contraindications (2) A) Hypotension B) ED drugs within preceding 48 hours
Nitroglycerin Side effects (3) 1)headaches, 2)hypotension, 3)syncope
Nitroglycerin Dosage Adult: 0.4mg repeat 5min prn Pump: 5mcg/min
Ondansetron Action Antiemetic agent
Ondansetron Indications Nausea and vomiting
Ondansetron Contraindications None
Ondansetron Side effects None
Ondansetron Dosage Adult: 4mg Pediatric: 0.15mg/kg max 4mg may repeat in 20 minutes
Rocuronium Action Non-depolirizing neuromuscular blocking agent
Rocuronium Indications (2) 1)post-intubation agitation 2)induced hypothermia following ROSC
Rocuronium Contraindications Pregnancy
Rocuronium Side effects Occasional allergic reaction
Rocuronium Dosage Adult: 0.6mg/kg max 60mg Pediatric: 0.6mg/kg max 21.6mg
Succinylcholine Action Ultra short acting depolirizing type skeletal muscle relaxant
Succinylcholine Indications RSI
Succinylcholine contraindications (4) 1)massive burns 2)massif crush injuries 3)penetrating eye injury 4)organophosphate poisoning
Succinylcholine Side effects (5) 1)rhabdomyolysis 2)hyperkalemia 3)ventricular arrhythmia 4)malignant hyperthermia 5)prolonged respiratory depression
Succinylcholine Dosage Adult: 1.5 mg/kg max 120 Pediatric: 2mg/kg max 72
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