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1. What happens when drops of water appear on the outside of a glass of iced kool aid? water vapor from the air condensed into a liquid
2. When water changes from solid to liquid to a gas, what happens? the weight stays the same
3. If you breathe outside on a cold day, you can see a cloud. Describe the change that occurs? gas changes to a liquid
4. What is an example of matter changing form? heating a pan of water until the water is all gone
5. On a hot, sunny day, lake water splashed onto a rock. A little later, the rock was dry. What happened? heat caused the water to become a gas
6. What two physical properties could best describe a basketball? color, texture
7. If an object is magnetic then it is an example of a ______________? physical property
8. When ice melts what type of change happens to the ice? physical change
9. If you break a glass jar then what type of change happens to the jar? physical property
10. If you light a birthday candle with a match then what type of change happens to the match? chemical change
11. Salt, sugar, and powdered drink mix all have the same physical property of __________________. solubility
12. ___________________is a chemical property of matter. flammability
13. When trees are cut down for firewood then what type of change has happened? physical
14. Why is salad classified as a mixture? the components can be easily separated
15. If you mix iron filings and sand in a jar then what has been created? mixture
16.What can a screen be used to separate? sand and rocks
17. How can you separate a mixture of iron filings and sand? use a magnet
18. What is a balance used for? to measure weight to the nearest gram.
19. If a crayon has a mass of 2 grams and you smash it up into tiny pieces. Then what happens to the weight of the crayon? stays the same
20. When you use a balance to weigh an ice cube and then that same ice cube melts. Why would the weight stay the same? weight stays the same even if water changes state
21. What tool can you use to compare and measure the weight of two objects? balance
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