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barber chapter 6

Implements, tools and equipment

The most desirable type of haircutting comb is made of what material hard rubber
To keep rubber combs in good condition, avoid contact with what kind of temperature. heat
What kind of haircutting shear has a finger brace French
If a shear with a fine cutting edge are not cutting correctly they may not be what? not set correctly
When held properly, where does the barber place the thumb in the shears thumb grip of the moving blade
Where should the shears be while combing through the hair during a haircut service. closed and resting in the barbers palm
One blade of a beveled shear is usually plain ground, what is the other blade? corrugated or serrated
Clippers with a single cutting head ( not detachable blade ) have what on the side to adjust the blade to different lengths a lever
Electric clippers can have 3 different kind of motors. Name them rotary motor, magnetic (vibratory) motor, or pivot motor
What kind of blades do rotary motor clippers use detachable blades
What does a pivot motor clipper have to make the blades cut longer lengths or shorter lengths a blade adjusting lever
What type of clipper operates by means of an alternating spring and magnetic mechanism vibratory motor clipper (magnetic motor)
Most detail and fine finish work is performed with what electric tool. trimmer or outliner
What are clipper blades usually make of? carbon steel
What are Clipper guards also known as? attachment combs
A detachable blade size 3 1/2 usually leaves the hair about how long? 3/8" long
What detachable blade produces the shortest cut, the 0, 00, 000, or the 0000 blade? 0000
What is the first step in disinfecting clippers and trimmers? Brush off hair particles
What is the main consideration when purchasing a straight razor? quality
When is a straight razor considered properly balanced? When the weight of the blade equals the weight of the handle
What are the two types of razors used in barbering conventional straight razor and changeable blade razor
What does the grind of the razor refer to? the shape of the blade
The size of a razor is measured by the blades what? length and width
What razor finish last the longest polished steel finish
What does the temper of a razor indicate the degree of hardness
A crocus finish on the blade of a razor is also known as what? polished steel finish
The width of the razor is measured in eighth inches or: sixteenth inches
Honing and stropping are used for what barber tool conventional straight razor
What is a hone made of? abrasive material
What is the purpose of a hone? grind the razors edge
an example of a slow cutting hone is the: water hone
an example of a fast cutting hone is the? synthetic hone
What should the position of the hone be when being used perfectly flat
What is the type of stroke to use when honing a razor? smooth and even stroke
when properly honed, the razor edge digs into the thumb nail with a : smooth steady grip
over honing may result in what kind of edge rough edge
what is the purpose of stropping smooth, polish and remove metal particles
what material should you avoid in a strop imitation leather
What is the Russian strop made of? cowhide
The shell or Russian shell strop is created from what material? the rump area of the horse
The direction of the razor stroke when stropping is what direction compared to honing. the reverse of that used in honing
A rough course over honed edge have large teeth that stick to the nail when testing the razor and produces what kind of sound harsh, grating sound
What is the purpose of strop dressing clean and preserve the strop and improve the sharpening
What kind of soap do you put in an Electric latherizer liquid soap
What appliance is designed for drying and styling hair in a single operation blow dryer
What method of removing loose hair after a haircut that is not sanctioned by most barber boards Neck dusters
What are thermal irons and pressing combs heated by electric stoves
What is the appliance that is used to introduce water soluble products into the skin galvanic
What is the implement used to press out blackheads called comedone extractor
what is the agency called that a barber may call to determine whether a tool or implement can be used in a barbershop State Barber Board
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