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Krav Self-Defense

Review for Krav Maga Midterm

Name the five combative moves. Palm strikes, knees, kicks, hand strikes, head butts, and other movements that will get you out alive.
What are the three basic stances in Krav? Neutral stance, Interview stance, Guarding stance
Name the best targets for a hammerfist strike. Nose, temple, side of jaw, side of neck, and groin.
Name the basic tips for a good guarding stance. 1. Power leg back. 2. Feet underneath your shoulders. 3. Hands open on both sides and at the level of face. 4. Palms turned inward, fingers relaxed, thumbs bent inward. 5. Elbows naturally hanging down in front of chest but tucked in.
How do you make a fist? 1. Hit with the first two knuckles. 2. Keep wrist straight. 3. Tuck thumb on the outside.
Are kicks more powerful than punches? Yes, they have longer range and are stronger.
What are the different types of kicks? 1. Front kick 2. Front-push kick 3. Groin kick 4. Round kick 5. Side kick
What are the different hand combative moves? jab, cross, uppercuts, hooks, palm heel strike, finger strike, power slap, eye rake, chop to throat
When is it best to use your elbow? When your opponent is very close.
What are the different elbow combative moves? horizontal, side elbow, horizontal elbow strike backward, uppercut elbow, drop down elbow, vertical elbow strike backward low, vertical strike backward high, jumping of flying horizontal elbow forward
Name three hand positions. open hand, closed fist, extended fingers
What are the two key features of Krav Maga? simplicity and efficiency
Who created Krav Maga? Imi Lichtenfeld
What are the benefits? accessible to everyone, muscle tone, balance, coordination, cardiovascular, memory, stress relief
Created by: avesnipe