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Puberty the biological stage of development characterized by changes that lead to reproductive capacity
secular trend a historical trend toward increasing adult height and earlier puberty
primary sex characteristics the structures that make reproduction possible
semen the fluid that contains sperm and substances that nourish and help transport sperm
gynecomastia enlargement of breast tissue in males
menarche the onset of menstruation
osteoporosis a condition involving progressive loss of bone tissue
foreclosure an identity status that characterizes those who have made commitments without considering alternatives
ethnic identity a sense of belonging to an ethic group
ethnic identity search the second stage of ethnic identity development; similar to the moratorium identity status
identity crisis a turning point in development during which one examines one's values and makes decisions about life roles
clique a group of five to ten individuals who hang around together and who share activities and confidences
crowd a large, loosely organized group of people who may or may not spend much time together and who are identified by the activities of the group
homosexual referring to an erotic orientation toward members of one's own gender
masturbation sexual self-stimulation
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