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Science Test: 3/7/17

Mrs. G's Physical Science

How can you describe the motion of an object? You must know the direction it is moving and how fast.
True//False: A frame reference is not necessary to describe motion accurately & completely False
Movement in relation to a frame reference is called __________. Relative Motion
What is distance? The length of a path between 2 points.
What is the best way to measure the length of a room? Meters
True//False: Five blocks south is an example of displacement. True (Displacement is movement from place or position)
Compare/Contrast distance & displacement Distance- length between points Displacement- direction & length from starting point to end
What would your total displacement be if you walked from front door, around block, back to door. 0 You come from starting point and you end there.
A vector is a quality that has _______ and _______. 1. Magnitude 2. Direction
What three things can describe the magnitude of the vector? length, amount, and size
To combine two displacements that are in opposite directions, the magnitudes _________ from one another. Subtract
What is the displacement of a cyclist who travels 1 mile north, 1 mile east, and one mile south 1 mile east
The vector sum of two or more other vectors is called __________. Resultant Vector
What is speed? Speed is the ratio of distance an object moves to the amount of time the object moves.
What is the unit for speed? Meters per second
True//False: You can determine how fast you were going at the midpoint of a trip by calculating average speed for the entire trip. False
A student walked 1.5 km in 25 minutes and then realized he was late, so he ran the remaining .5 km in 5 minutes. What is the average speed on the way to school? Speed = Distance/Time 4 km per min
What type of speed does automobile's speedometer display? Instantaneous Speed
What does the slope of a line on a distance time graph represent? Speed
How do speed and velocity differ? Velocity- both speed and direction if motion, a vector Speed- ratio of distance an object moves to the amount of time
Examples of change in velocity are... A moving object gains speed, changes direction, slows down
True//False: If a car travels around a gentle curve on a highway at 60 km/h, the velocity does not change False
How do velocities combine? Vector addition when two or more vectors combine
Created by: jenelle25