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CXR Review

Review Chest x-rays

Are you able to stand? Se puede poner de pie?
Please put your chest here. Por favor, ponga el pecho aqui.
Put your shoulders forward. Ponga los hombros adelante.
Don't move. No se mueve.
Breathe deeply and hold it. Respire profundo y detengalo.
Relax your shoulders. Relaje los hombros.
Please turn to your side. Por favor, vuelta a su lado.
Raise your arms and place your hands here. Levanta los brazos y ponga las manos aqui.
Breathe normally. Respire normal.
Please sit and wait here. Por favor, sientase y espera aqui.
We're finished. Terminamos.
You can put on your clothes. Se puede poner en su ropa.
Your doctor will give you the results. Su doctor le dara los resultados.
You can leave. Se puede salir.
Goodbye. Adios.
I'm going to take x-rays of your chest. Voy a tomar rayos x del pecho.
Are you pregnant? Estas embarazada?
Hello, my name is Kate. Hola, me llamo Kate.
What is your name? Como se llama?
When is your birthday? Cuando es su cumpleanos?
Please take of your shirt and bra. Por favor, quita su camisa y su brasier.
Please take off your necklace. Por favor, quita su collar.
Created by: kcockrill