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MWP Orthopaedic

New words

Anti-inflammatory Drug that reduces inflammation
Bone marrow Soft substance inside bones
Bronchitis Inflammation of the bronchi (tubes connecting the windpipe to the lungs; also the smaller tubes within the lungs)
Cartilage Hard, but flexible, substance which forms part of the skeleton
Diathermy Production of heat in a part of the body by means of high-frequency electric current passed from electrodes placed on the skin
Disc Rounded flattened structure such as an intervertebral disc (back bone)
Hydrotherapy Treatment using water, eg baths
Ligaments Tough band of fibrous tissue that links two bones together at a joint (joint capsule)
Manipulation Use of the hands to produce movement of bones, joint or soft tissues as part of treatment
Massage Manipulation of the soft tissue of the body
Menopause The end of reproductive life in women when menstruation finally stops
Metabolism The sum of all the chemical and physical changes that take place within the body and enable its continued growth and functioning
Osteoporosis Abnormality in which bones become dense and brittle and tend to fracture; common in the elderly
Platelets Small disc-shaped bodies in the blood which play an important role in coagulation
Percussion Diagnostic technique for examining the chest or abdomen by tapping it with the fingers and listening to the resonance of the sound produced
Postural drainage Technique that enables a person w lungs are clogged with sputum to drain them
Respiratory system The organs and tissues that enable air to pass in and out of the body (lungs), ie breathing
Sputum (phlegm) Mucous material released from glands in the walls of the main airways in the lungs
Tendon Tough cord that attaches the end of a muscles to a bone
TENS Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – pain relief by the application of tiny electrical impulses to nerve endings under the skin
Ultrasound Ultrasonic waves – sound waves of extremely high frequency that cannot be heard by the human ear
Created by: Carmelita Reuben
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