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RDTC 118 Unit 3

LCCC Ch 6 Exposure Factors

WTF is This?No Shit Sherlock
2 Properties that affect recorded detail? Geometric and Photographic Properties
Geometric Properties (or ____ ) are controlled by ____ & ____ ? SHARPNESS - Recorded Detail and Distortion
Photographic Properties (or ____ ) are controlled by ____ & ____ ? VISIBILITY - Contrast and Brightness/Density
Underexposed Digital Images appear? Noisy
Overexposed Digital Images? Reduced contrast from scatter
mAs controls both Film Density and Digital Brightness T/F? False - computers control Digital Brightness
Primary controlling factor of Density and Radiation received? mAs = Density = Radiation
kVp, SID, OID, IR Speed, Collimation, Filtration, Generator Output, & Processing are INFLUENCING factors of ____ ? Receptor Exposure and/or Density
mA and Time have an ____ relation to maintain the same mAs? mA and Time have ____ weight to impact changes? Inverse to maintain, Equally Weighted
LgM (or ___ ) has a ____ relation to receptor exposure Log Median Exposure, DIRECT
↑ IR Exposure will ____ LgM?
To change LgM by .3 , change mAs by ___ ? 2x mAs = +.3 , 1/2 mAs = -.3
Sensitivity (S) has ____ relation to receptor exposure Inverse
↑ IR Exposure will ____ S#?
How will mAs changes affect S#? 2x mAs = half S , 1/2 mAs = double S
How much change in mAs is needed to see a visible difference for repeatable error? 2x or 1/2 mAs
kVp controls ___ and ___ Contrast and Beam Penetrability
Effect of kVp is proportional throughout all ranges T/F? False - Not consistent
Higher kVps require greater changes in kVp to maintain IR exposure T/F? True - Smaller changes at Low kVp
15% change in kVp is equal to _____ change in mAs? 2x or 1/2 mAs
How use 15% Rule for Lower Contrast? +15% kVp AND 1/2 mAs
-15% kVp AND 2x mAs would give (higher/lower) Contrast? Higher Contrast
SID and OID are both _____ related to Density and Radiation Inverse
↑ SID or ↑ OID will ____ Radiation/Density?
Inverse Square Law I1/I2=(D2)2/(D1)2
Which formula could calculate a new Intensity and a different distance? Inverse Square Law
Density Maintenance Formula mAs1/mAs2 = (SID1)2/(SID2)2
Which formula use to adjust mAs for different SID? Density Maintenance Formula
↑ SID needs ___ mAs
↑ OID will ___ IR Exposure
Grid Conversion Factor for 16:1 6
Grid Conversion Factor for 12:1 5
Grid Conversion Factor for 8:1 4
Grid Conversion Factor for 6:1 3
Grid Conversion Factor for 5:1 2
Higher Grid Ratios need LESS mAs T/F? False - ↑ Grid Ratio ↑ mAs
Grid Conversion Formula mAs1/mAs2=GCF1/GCF2
High IR Speed is MORE Sensitive and needs MORE mAs T/F? False - More sensitive, LESS mAs
(High/Low) IR Speed provides more Recorded Detail? Low
Relative (IR) Speed Formula mAs1/mAs2=RS2/RS1
Decreasing Collimation does what to Field Size? Increases
Increasing Collimation does what to IR Exposure and Density? Decreases
Greatest INFLUENCING Factor on IR exposure Tissue Thickness (Inversely)
Factors of Tissue Thickness Physique, Age, Development, Pathology
Factors of Tissue Opacity Cellular composition, Compactness of cells, Spaces between cells, Status of hallow organs
General Rule for Tissue Thickness 2x mAs for what change in part thickness? 4-5cm = 2x mAs
Beam Intensity is Greater on (Anode/Cathode) end? Cathode
Single Phase Generator needs what change in mAs? 2x mAs from HiFreq
↑ Filtration ↓ Exposure Quantity
↑ Developer Temp ↑ Density
What change in Processing Temp will cause Visible Density change? .5°
Developer Temp (90 sec) 92-96° F
Developer Temp (2 min) 83-86° F
Created by: RadTechTKD