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Career Development


Who is considered the forerunner of career guidance? George Merrill
The ______ is a division of the ACA that strives to promote individual's career development throughout the lifespan National Career Development Association (NCDA)
Career Salience refers to the significance an individual places on the role of career in relationship to other life roles
Expressed interest are interests that are verbally reported
According to Holland's theory of types, the personality type IAS is most congruent with which of the following work environments? p. 100 IAR
For a person with the Myers-Briggs typology INTP, _____ indicates the dominant function T because it's always the third letter
Gottfredson emphasizes the role that _____ play in making career decisions Gender and Prestige
Ann was promoted to senior analyst position a yr ago. This past yr, she attended several CE workshops. According to Super's lifespan, life space career theory, what developmental stage is Ann in? Maintenance
Hopson and Adam's model of adult transitions proposes that crises are usually unanticipated and involuntary
Early in their theory's formulation, Ginzberg et al. proposed that the career decision making process was (p. 104) irreversible
_______ is the assessment based on Holland's hexagon model and is self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted Self-Directed Search
Career assisted guidance systems SIGI, Choices, and DISCOVER
____ perspectives maintain that career interventions used for the majority population are appropriate to use with minority populations Etic perspectives
In career counseling, interventions can address issues related to career exploration, vocational decision making, and career transitions
Program Goals broad statements that indicate how the career intervention program will respond to a population's needs
Data collection tools for program evaluation include Focus groups, questionnaires, and individual interviews Trained observers is NOT one of them
Program planning includes Conducting a needs assessment, defining the target population, establishing program goals and objectives
When defining a target population, counselors should consider demographics such as age, race, SES, and gender
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