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6th Grade - Chapter

Central America and the Caribbean

What is the official language in most Central American countries? Spanish
Ideas of independence in the countries of Central America and the Caribbean were sparked by a slave revolt in... Haiti
Which Central American country has a history of peace and stability? Costa Rica
The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is... Haiti
Most Caribbean Indians died from... disease
Why is the culture of Belize so different from the rest of Central America? they were once a colony of Great Britain
Central America is located on an __________ that links North and South America. isthmus
The Bahamas is one of the three __________ that make up the Caribbean Islands. archipelagoes
__________ boosts the economies of many Central American and Caribbean countries as people travel to the region to explore its natural beauty. ecotourism
The large Caribbean Islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are all a part of the __________. Greater Antilles
The __________ include many tiny islands and stretch from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad and Tobago. Lesser Antilles
Many of the countries of Central America are trying to rebuild following ___________ in the late 1900's. civil wars
The _________ provides a link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Panama Canal
Creole is an example of a _________, or regional variety of a language that is spoken in the Caribbean Islands. dialect
Puerto Rico is a __________ of the United States. commonwealth
__________ come to the US from many Caribbean countries, such as Cuba and Haiti, in the hopes of finding more freedoms and economic opportunities. refugees
Most of the farms in Cuba operate as _________ that are owned by the government. cooperatives
In the mountains of Central America, a __________ may be found in the higher elevations. cloud forest
What are the 3 choices for Puerto Rico politically moving forward? become a US state; become a country; remain a commonwealth
Created by: mrsdyer316