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Techtonics test

Word or questionanswer
Pangaea super continent that existed 200 million years ago
Alfred Wegener scientist who thought that the continents were once one super continent
Mesasouris reptile fossil found in South America and in Africa
sea-floor spreading theory that new ocean crust is formed at the mid ocean ridges by molten lava
continental drift theory that the continents move
divergent boundary boundary between two plates that are moving apart
convergent boundary boundary where two plates are moving toward each other
transform fault boundary boundary where two plates are moving past each other
convection current cycle of heating, rising, cooling and sinking
When a collision between an oceanic plate and a continental plate pushes the oceanic plate into and under the continental plate __________ takes place. Subduction
mid-ocean ridge example of a divergent boundary in ocean crust
When tectonic plates slide past each other a __________ is formed. Fault
Transform boundaries (faults) cause __________. earthquakes
A __________ __________ is a convergent boundary where an oceanic plate is pushed beneath a continental plate forming a trench. The oceanic crust melts resulting in the formation of volcanoes. Subduction zone
trench A deep depression of the sea floor caused by the subduction of one plate under another.
rift valley A large valley shaped area of the Earth in which plates of the Earth's crust are moving away from each other, forming a system of cracks and faults.
Which two continents did Alfred Wegener think looked like they fit together like puzzle pieces? South America and Africa
Scientists believe that convection currents in the __________ is responsible for the movement of the plates that form the Earth's crust. Asthenosphere
For a convergent boudary how is the arows -> <-
For deverget boundary arrows <- ->
For transform boundary arows ---> <---
All the continents were once joined together in a single________and have since drifted apart. Landmasses
Long chains of_______that rise up from the ocean floor. Mountain
Earths plates are in slow, constant motion, driven by ___________ in the mantle. Convection Currents
The_________________ that began to break apart about 250 million years ago. Super continent
When the oceanic crust sinks back down into the mantle at a _____________________________. mid-ocean ridge.
What are sonars used for? It is used for tracking where an earthquake is.
Created by: YashasriRocks