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PlateTectonics Study

Name the layers of the earth from the INSIDE out. inner core, outer core, mantle , crust
Which layer of the earth is solid and made of iron and nickel? inner core
The largest layer of the earth is the mantle
Under the lithosphere is the asthenosphere
Plates move apart at DIVERGENT BOUNDARIES
Plates come together at CONVERGENT BOUNDARIES
Plates slide past each other at TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES
The type of heat transfer caused by differences in density is CONVECTION
What are the 3 types of convergent boundaries? continent/continent ocean/ocean continent/ocean
What type of boundary creates NEW SEA (OCEAN ) floor? DIVERGENT
At what type of boundary is old ocean crust destroyed? CONVERGENT
What is a subduction boundary? Where one plate sinks under another
Why is the ocean plate always the one to subduct? Because it is more dense!!!!
What mountain range was created by India and China colliding? Himalayas
Is the mid-atlantic ridge completely underwater? No! It pops up at Iceland
The San Andreas Fault in California is an example of a ________ boundary. TRANSFORM (sliding)
Ocean plates are made of BASALT
Continental plates are made of GRANITE and they are less dense than ocean plates
What is a tsunami? A giant wave created by plate motion
This chain of volcanic mountains was created when the pacific plate subducted under the south american plate. THE ANDES
Where can we find the deepest focus earthquakes? At ocean/ocean boundaries
Islands arcs are formed from what type of boundary? Ocean/ocean
Name 3 pieces of evidence that Wegener used to support his theory. 1. Fit of continents 2. Matching fossils on widely separated continents 3. Matching rocks on widely separated continents
Why did the scientists of his time not accept Wegener's theory? He could not explain how or why continents would drift in the ocean
Name 2 pieces of evidence to support the idea of Sea Floor Spreading. 1. Ocean crust is youngest at the ridge. 2. Ocean crust is hottest at the ridge.
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of a __________________ boundary. DIVERGENT
The Andes Mountains is an example of a ___________________ boundary. CONVERGENT
The San Andreas Fault is an example of a ____________________ boundary. TRANSFORM (sliding)
Make sure you understand and can label the divergent and convergent pictures that you have in your notes and that we have been looking at in class!!!!!!! What are you waiting for.........go study the pictures NOW!!!!
Created by: cwalczak