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C203-Becoming An Effective Leader

1. Which goal would an organizational leader be responsible for? Change
2. What does the flexible leadership theory indicate a decision-making leader needs to contribute? Unique Relevant Knowledge
3. What leadership role is exhibited by a leader who sends a letter of appreciation to an employee to recognize? Team Builder
4. What is a common challenge associated with leadership positions? Uncompensated Time/
5. What is it called when leaders develop leadership skills by practicing them in realistic environments Feedback
6. What question should leaders ask themselves when the traits, attitudes, and behavior of a follower typify the follower as an isolate Should this follower be coached or let go
7. In which fundamental way are the most effective leaders alike, according to research? High Degree of Emotional Intelligence
8. What do successful leaders practice, according to contingency leadership theory They Adapt to Changing Circumstances
9. According to situational leadership theory which two factors should leaders consider in order to motivate subordinates? The level of commitment the subordinate has toward the task The competence required for the subordinate to complete the task
10. What are two benefits of practicing situational leadership theory? An increase in employee commitment A decrease in employee turnover
11. Which leadership theory/styles are leaders practicing when they encourage employees to be conscious of what they feel and to define their values? Charismatic
12. Which leadership theory/style are leaders practicing when they differentiate themselves from others? Charismatic
13. A manager at a clothing retail store receives news that a family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The manager sends out a companywide email, giving a brief explanation for his potential distracted behaviors or bad moods so that cowor Self-awareness
14. Which component of emotional intelligence directs leaders to use kindness and humor to diffuse? Relationship Management
15. Which trait describes leaders who capitalize on their own or others skills? Knowledge of Group Process
16. Which two factors create the characteristics of an effective leader? Heredity Environment
17. Which leadership theory/style is demonstrated by a manager who practices consensus leadership? Participative
18. Which leadership theory/style are leaders practicing when they focus on routine tasks, rewarding group? Transactional
19. Which source of power is associated with managing critical problems? Handling an organization's complications
20. Which two methods should leaders follow to empower their team members? Foster initiative and responsibility and Recognize cultural differences
21. How can leaders benefit when they delegate appropriate tasks to able team members? Leaders benefit by increasing members areas of responsibility Leaders benefit by using time for more economically productive tasks
22. What is an orgs politics promoting when a manager resorts to favoritism? Subjective standards
23. Which political strategy increases power through cultivating self-efficacy, hope, optimism? Developing positive psychological capital
24. Which unethical political behavior is common after a hostile takeover? Embracing or demolishing
25. Giving subs a review based on their current milestones is an example of which type? Reward
26. Which two characteristics should a leader have to influence a subs whose prototype is both charismatic and classy? Well-dressed Clever
27. For which group would the influence of rational persuasion be most effectively used by a CEO? Peers or team members
28. What is the goal when leaders clarify expectations for team members? To initiate structure
29. A manager sends out a group email with an agenda before the next term meeting reminding employees of an upcoming deadline. Which leadership dimension is this manager practicing? Organizing for collaboration
30. A leader develops job tasks that capitalize on the skills and capabilities of others. which task-oriented leadership behavior is this leader demonstrating? Concentrating on strengths of group members
31. Which three attitudes and behaviors can be associated with a relationship-orientated leader? Aligning people Being open to subs opinions Being a servant leader
32. What should be the focus of 360-degree feedback used for development? Qualitative comments
33. What should proper 360-degree feedback provide for leaders? Insight into skills they need to meet personal goals
34. Which behavior is characteristic of an autocratic leadership style? Assuming team compliance
35. What is a key characteristic of an entrepreneurial leader? Strong achievement motives
36. Which type of leadership emphasizes growth and the potential success of an org? Strategic
37. Which two reasons should a leader consider when using a SWOT analysis? Changes in technology Changes in government policy related to the field
38. In what strategy level is a leader operating when the following question is asked: what business are we in? Corporate
39. What knowledge component does a leader use to make workers better at what they do? Application
40. Which four items improve cultural diversity in an organization? Cross-cultural training Diversity of the leadership Diversity training Managerial diversification accountability
41. A local grocery store is known to hire women, racial minorities, and ethnic minorities. Which advantage does this store have over competitors who do not value cultural diversity? Ability to attract talented employees
42. Which influence on behavior does a culturally intelligent manager consider? Social values
43. What do leaders encourage through the development of employee networks? Cultural diversity
44. When employees share underlying company values and exhibit behavioral norms what is created? An organizational culture
45. Which component of org culture deals with determined behaviors, perceptions, and feelings? Assumptions
46. Which two techniques will effective leaders use to keep team members engaged? Coaching Motivation/ Section 1-3 #4
47. A leader promises a reward to employees. The employees believe they can earn the reward; however, the employees do not value the reward. According to expectancy theory, which degree of motivation can this leader expect from these employees? No motivation
48. What regulates behavior in addition to goals, according to goal theory? Values
49. Which types of motivation is displayed by instituting an "Employee of the Month" program? Recognition
50. According to the equity theory of motivation, how should holiday bonuses be determined for employees of the same pay grade? Employees should receive the same bonuses
51. Which of the three coaching techniques are used by leaders to motivate employees? Directing Subordinates to develop new techniques Pointing to possible problem-solving techniques Providing resources to help subs to make their own decisions/ Section 10-6a
52. In which two ways does an executive coach enhance leadership skills? By serving as a sounding board By developing a new project strategy
53. Which question is an example of double-loop learning? Should this struggling product be manufactured?
54. In which way is a person developing leadership skills by watching a documentary about a successful business leader? Unintentional mentoring
55. Which three actions should a board of directors take when selecting an outside successor to a CEO? Review the candidate's documentation Keep in regular contact, both formal and informal, with the candidate Get to know the candidate in an informal setting
56. What is the first step in the creative process? Opportunity or problem recognition
57. Which two personality traits are common among creative problem solvers? Persistent Nonconformist
58. Conventional wisdom says that beds are to be slept in, but an engineer thought that with only one function, they wasted space. In response, he created the multi-function futon, which is a bed that folds into a couch when not being slept on. What is th Thinking outside the box
59. What should a leader do to foster a creative environment? Identify creative team members
60. Which two groups of people combine to make creative teams? People of both genders People with diverse perspectives
61. The owner of a copy shop is willing to take risks with business practices. The owner encourages employees to make suggestions and then selectively chooses which of these suggestions are shrewd and intelligent choices. What does this owner contribute t Organizational innovation
62. A leader is attempting to enhance innovation in the department by encouraging new ideas and then choosing among them. Which leadership practice does this describe? Collaboration leadership
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