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Characterization: Evaluating STEAL

"So she lifted up her voice, at an angle calculated for distance, and shouted: "Y-o-u-u- Tom!'" Speech (S) Clue: the author talks about Aunt Polly lifting up her voice and shouting.
"There was a slight noise behind her, and she turned just in time to seize a small boy by the slack of his round about and arrest his flight." Actions (A) Clues: she turned, seized, and arrested his flight.
""Forty times I've said if you didn't let that jam alone I'd skin you."" Speech (S) Clue: Quotation marks, I've said, Aunt Polly is talking to Tom.
"The old lady whirled around and snatched her skirts out of danger, and the lad fled, on the instant, scrambled up the high board fence, and disappeared over it." Actions (A) Clues: she whirled around, snatched skirts, lad fled, scrambled, and disappeared.
"Hang the boy, can't I ever learn anything? Ain't he played me tricks enough like that for me to be looking out for him by this time?" Thoughts (T) Clue: Aunt Polly is thinking these thoughts to herself - not speaking to anyone else.
"Tom, it was middling warm in school, warn't it?" Speech (S) Clue: Tom's name is in the quote so we know someone is speaking to him and asking him a question.
"And it flattered her to reflect that she had discovered that the shirt was dry without anybody knowing that that was what she had in her mind." Thoughts (T) Clue: she is reflecting upon something that already happened, it also says 'in her mind.'
"Aunt Polly was vexed to think she had overlooked that bit of circumstantial evidence and missed a trick." Thoughts (T) Clue: she 'was vexed to think.'
"This was a new aspect of the thing....He hung his head and could not think of anything to say for a moment;" Evolution (E) Clue: People hang their heads when they are ashamed. Tom cares that he has hurt Aunt Polly and is maturing.
"A stranger was before him; a boy a shade larger than himself." Looks (L) Clue: the stranger is described as larger in stature.
"...and as soon as his back was turned the new boy snatched up a stone, threw it, and hit him between the shoulders, and then turned tail and ran like an antelope." Actions (A) Clue: the boy snatched up a stone, threw it, and ran.
"But at last she was still, only moaning a little in her sleep. Now the boy stole out, rose gradually by the bedside, shaded the candlelight with his hand, and stood regarding her. His heart was full of pity for her." Evolution (E) Clue: Tom felt sorry for Aunt Polly whereas before he only gave her trouble.
"He privately smoothed out the curls, with labour and difficulty, and plastered his hair close down to his head; for he held curls to be effeminate, and his own filled his life with bitterness." Looks (L) Clue: smoothed out curls, plastered his hair close to his head
"This boy was well dressed, too -... His cap was a dainty thing, his close-buttoned blue-cloth roundabout was new and natty, and so were his pantaloons." Looks (L) Clue: well dressed, dainty cap, new and natty
"Tom kissed her, with a choking sensation in his throat, and made a show of being confident of finding the searchers or an escape from the cave; then he took the kite-line in his hand and went groping down one of the passages on his hands and knees..." Evolution (E) Clue: Tom acted like he was confident for Becky's sake indicating that he is thinking of her well-being and not just his own.
Created by: lajames
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