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Intro to Psych test


Define psychology. Scientific study and behavior of mental processes.
Year psychology began. 1879
Founder of pysch & what he did. Wihelm Wundt... performed introspectional research
Describe 2 historical perspectives covered structuralism (study of structure of mind), functionalism (function of the mind)
Describe 5 current perspectives covered psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biopsychological (go back and define)
What's a case study? adv/disadv? researchers learn all they can about individual. adv. lots of detail; disadv, can't rly apply results to similar people
Adv/disadv of survey? adv. lots of data; dis.have to be very careful about the group
What's naturalistic observation? adv/disadv? watching behavior in own environment adv. realistic perspective; dis. observer bias
correlational study. what do researchers have the patient do to determine strength/direction & what it means to have a +/- coorelation they measure the relationship between 2 variables
Created by: thundrstorm1