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Add/Sub Pathologies


Osteogenisis imperfecta subtractive; radiography
Achondroplasia none; radiography
Osteopetrosis additive; radiography
Ancephaly none; ultrasonography
Osteomyelitis subtractive; MRI, nuc med, radiography
TB (bone) subtractive; radiography
Infectious arthritis subtractive (early); radiography
Psoriatic arthritis additive (healing), subtractive; radiography
Reiter syndrome none, additive; nuc med, radiography
Rheumatoid arthritis additive, both; radiography
Ankylosing spondylitis additive; radiography
Osteoarthritis subtractive; radiography
Joint structures none; MRI
Gouty arthritis subtractive; radiography
Osteochondroma additive; radiography, MRI
Osteoma additive; radiography, MRI
Enchondroma subtractive; radiography, MRI
Unicameral bone cyst subtractive; radiography, MRI
Aneurysmal bone cyst subtractive; CT, MRI
Osteoid Ostoma subtractive; CT
Osteoblastoma subtractive; radiography, MRI
Giant cell tumor subtractive; radiography, MRI
Osteosarcoma additive; radiography, MRI
Ewing sarcoma both; radiography, MRI
Chondrosarcoma subtractive; radiography, MRI
Bone matastases from other sites subtractive; MRI, CT, FDG-PET
Cystic fibrosis additive; chest radiography
Hyaline membrane disease additive; chest radiography
Pneumonias additive; chest radiography
Bronchiectasis additive; chest radiography, high res. chest CT
TB (lung) additive; chest radiography, chest CT
COPD subtractive; chest radiography, high res. chest CT
Pneumoconiosis additive; chest radiography
Fungal disease additive; chest radiography
Lung abscess additive; chest radiography, chest CT
Pleurisy none; none
Pleural effusion additive; chest radiography, chest CT, sonography
Sinusitis additive; sinus CT
Brochial adenoma additive; chest CT
Bronchiogenic carcinoma staging additive; chest CT, FDG-PET
Metastatic lung disease additive; chest CT, FDG-PET, brain MRI
Esophogeal atresia none; radiography
Bowel atresia none; radiography in infant, sonography in fetus
Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis none; sonography, radiography, UGI
Malrotation none; CT w/ contrast, small bowel, BE, sonography
Hirschsprung disease none; BE
Meckel diverticulum none; nuc med meckels scan
Gluten sensitive enteropathy none; UGI, small bowel, BE
Carbohydrate intolerance none; UGI mixed w/ lactose
Esophogeal strictures none; barium swallow, endoscopy
GERD none; endoscopy, barium swallow, UGI, nuc med, sonography
Peptic ulcer none; endoscopy, double contrast UGI, nuc med urea breath test
Regional enteritis (chrons) none; CT, MRI, small bowel, BE
Appendicitis none; CT, sonography, radiography
Ulcerative colitis none; sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy
Esophogeal varicies none; barium swallow
Bowel obstruction subtractive; CT, MRI, radiography
Achlasia additive if food is present; barium swallow
Diverticular disease none; CT, MRI, barium studies, TREVS, sonography
Polyps none; colonoscopy, BE
Neoplastic GI disease none; CT, colonoscopy, BE
Created by: RT2017