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pediatric additions for CXR comp questions

What hormone is produced by the thymus gland? thymosin
What is the role of the thymus? maturation of the immune system
When does the thymus begin to atrophy? after puberty
As we get older, what happens to the thymus? lymphatic tissue is replaced by fat
From where to where does the thymus sit? at maximum development it rests on the pericardium and may reach up to the thyroid gland
What is the greatest fear for infants in the department? hypothermia
Myelomeningocele cystic protrusion of the meninges of the spinal cord
Spina bifida a cleft in the neural arches of a vertebrae
Should a technologist report a suspected abuse case? yes - it is mandatory in north America that all HCWs report suspected child abuse cases
What fractures may be associated with child abuse? posterior rib fractures, corner fractures, and “bucket-handle” fractures of the limbs
What types of radiographs are taken when an abuse case is suspected bone survey
Hyaline membrane disease/RDS underaeration of the lungs due to a lack of surfactant
Created by: annaluz87