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Italian (Words)

Just random words

Le vacanze estive Summer holidays
Occidentali Western
Anzianzi Old, Senior
Odierne Society
Saggezza Wisdom
Affidato Entrusted
Attraverso Through
Almeno At least
Degna Deserving of
Granchè A big deal
Accade As occurs
Sforzo Effort
Nonostante Spite
Così come As if
Partito Political party/ match
Tuteli Protects
Patria Homeland
Vecchiare To grow old
Gestire To manage
Pare To wish to
Lottare To struggle
Ti ritrovi Find yourself again
Dovere To have to
Mente Mind
Grinta Determination
Nipoti Grandchildren
Peso Weight
Disturbi Disturb
All'alba ubrianche At the dawn/drunk
Abitazione Habits
Relega Relegates
Verrà Will come
Offrire To offer
Piatti Dishes of food
Asilo Preschool
Sposta It moves
Fastidio Annoying
Appofittare To profit from
Gratis Free
Vecchiaia Old age
Agonia Agony
Svalutare To devalue
Ballezza Beautiful
Impone It imposes
Canoni Fees
Abbinare To combine
Accetta Accepts
Sfrittare To exploit
Scatare To throw away
Bontà Good will
Attimi Moments
Macchiati Stained
Ignoto Unknown
Created by: blk_clmn