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ARRT review covering image procedures

1- the term Valgus refers to ? Turned outward (lange Q&.p 37 )
2- the outermost wall of the digestive tract is the ? Serosa (lange Q&.p40 )
3-terms used describe movement include ? Valgus and oblique (lange Q&.p 40 )
4- a frontal view of the sternum is best accomplished in which position? RAO (lange Q&.p40 )
5- what is the name of the condition that results in forward slipping of one vertebrae on the one below it ? Spondylolisthesis (lange Q&.p40 )
6- the relationship between the ends of fractured long bones is referred to as ? Apposition (lange Q&.p42 )
7- which positions is required to demonstrate small amounts of air in the peritoneal cavity? Lateral decubitus, affected side up (lange Q&.p42 )
8- which of the anatomic structures listed below is seen most anteriorly in lateral projection of the chest ? Cardiac apex (lange Q&.p42 )
9- arteries and veins enter and exit the medial aspect of each lung at the ? Hilus (lange Q&.p 44 )
10- the sternal angle is at approximately the same level as the ? T5 (lange Q&.p44 )
11- which condition in occluded blood vessels stops blood flow to a portion of the lung? Pulmonary embolism (lange Q&.p 44 )
12- to demonstrate esophageal varices, the patient must be examined in ? The recumbent position (lange Q&.p44 )
13- the tissue that occupies the central cavity of the adult long bone body/ shaft is ? Yellow marrow (lange Q&.p45 )
14- which the bony landmarks is in the same transverse plane as L2-3? Inferior costal margin (lange Q&.p45 )
15- movement of a part toward the midline of the body is termed? Addiction (lange Q&.p46 )
16- during myelography, contract medium is introduced into ? Subarachnoid space (lange Q&.p46 )
17- the junction of the Sagittal and coronal sutures is the ? Bregma (lange Q&.p47 )
18- the lumbar vertebral laminar is represented by what part of the Scotty dog seen in a correctly positioned oblique lumbar spine ? Body (lange Q&.p 48 )
19- an injury to a structure located on side opposite that of the primary injury is referred to as ? Contrecoup (lange Q&.p49 )
20- aspirated foreign bodies in older children and adults are more likely to lodge in the ? Right main stem bronchus (lange Q&.p50 )
21- what structure is located midway between the anterosuperior iliac spine and pubic symphysis? Dome of the acetabulum (lange Q&.p 51 )
22- the articular facets of L5-S1 are best demonstrated in a ? 30- degree oblique (lange Q&.p 51)
23- the secondary center of ossification in long bones is the ? Epiphysis (lange Q&.p 51 )
24- medial displacement of a tibial fracture would be best demonstrated in the ? AP projection (lange Q&.p 51 )
25- at what level do the carotid arteries bifurcate ? C4 (lange Q&.p 51 )
26- which positions would be best demonstrate the proximal tibiofibular articulation? 45- degree internal rotation (lange Q&.p 51 )
27- which condition is often the result of ureteral obstruction or stricture? Hydronephrosis (lange Q&.p52 )
28- all elbow fat pads are best demonstrated in which position? Lateral (lange Q&.p52 )
29- which position of the shoulder demonstrates the lesser tubercle in profile medically? Internal rotation (lange Q&.p53 )
30- in which position of the shoulder is the greater tubercle seen superimposed on the humeral head? Internal rotation (lange Q&.p54 )
31- in which type of fracture are the splintered ends of bone forced through the skin? Compound (lange Q&.p 54 )
32- the long, flat structure that project posteromedially from the Pedicles are ? Laminae (lange Q&.p 55 )
33- the type of ileus characterized by cessation of peristalsis is termed? Paralytic (lange Q&.p55 )
34- narrowing of the upper airway, as seen in pediatric croup, can be best visualized in the ? AP projection (lange Q&.p 56 )
35- the body habitus having short and wide heart and lung area and a high transvers stomach is the ? Hypersthenic (lange Q&.p56 )
36- which is proximal to the carpal bone? Radial styloid process (lange Q&.p56 )
37- which positions will demonstrate the lumbosacral zygapophyseal articulation? 30- degree RPO (lange Q&.p56 )
38- the most proximal portion of the pharynx is ? Nasopharynx (lange Q&.p56 )
39- flattening of the hemidiaphragms is characteristic of which condition? Emphysema (lange Q&.p56 )
40- the ossified portion of a long bone where cartilage has been replaced by bone is known as the ? Metaphysics (lange Q&.p 58 )
41- the ileocecal valve normally is located in which of body regions? Right iliac (lange Q&.p59 )
42- a type of cancerous bone tumor occurring in children and young adults and arising from bone marrow is ? Ewing sarcoma (lange Q&.p59 )
43- with the patient recumbent on the X-ray table with the head lower than the feet the patient is said to be in the ? Trendelenburg position (lange Q&.p 59 )
44- which of skull positions will demonstrate the cranial base, sphenoid sinuses, atlas, and odontoid process? Submentovertical SMV (lange Q&.p 59 )
45- which barium-filled anatomic structures is best demonstrated in the LPO position? Hepatic flexure (lange Q&.p 62 )
46- the uppermost portion of the iliac crest is at approximately the same level as the ? Fourth lumber vertebra (lange Q&.p 62 )
47- what is the position of the stomach in a hypersthenic patient? High and horizontal (lange Q&.p62 )
48- with which does the trapezium articulate? First metacarpal (lange Q&.p63 )
49- which is a major cause of bowel obstruction in children? Intussusception (lange Q&.p 65 )
50- which projection of the elbow will demonstrate the radial head free of ulnar superimposition ? Lateral oblique (lange Q&.p 65 )
51- which of examinations is used to demonstrate vesicoureteral reflux? Voiding cystourethrogram (lange Q&.p 65 )
52- in which projection is the talofibular joint best demonstrated? Medial oblique (lange Q&.p66 )
53-Which type of articulation is evaluated in arthrography? Diarthrodial (lange Q&.p 69 )
54- the laryngeal prominence is formed by the ? Thyroid cartilage (lange Q&.p 69 )
55- which of examinations most likely would be performed to diagnose Wilm's tumor? IVU (lange Q&.p 70 )
56- to visualize or open the right sacroiliac joint the patient is positioned? 25 to 30 degree LPO (lange Q&.p70 )
57- deoxygenated blood from the head and thorax is returned to heart by the ? Superior vena cava (lange Q&.p 70 )
58- the most significant risk factor for breast cancer is ? Gender (lange Q&.p75 )
59- which of positions is essential in radiography of the paranasal sinuses? Erect (lange Q&.p 75 )
60- the inhalation of liquid or solid particles into the nose, throat, or lung is referred to as ? Aspiration (lange Q&.p77 )
61- in the anterior oblique position of the cervical spine the CR should be directed? 15 degree caudad to C4 (lange Q&.p 77 )
62- which of positions will separate the radial head, neck, and tuberosity from superimposition on the ulna? Lateral oblique (lange Q&.p 77 )
63- the innominate bone is located in the ? Pelvis (lange Q&.p 78 )
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