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Aztec Society

Aztec Society Derek Arbues

Whats Mexico's geography ? It is rugged and mountainous land.
What is the landscape of northern Mexico ? It is arid and has no rainfall.
Who were one of the many settlers in Mexico ? Mexico was settled by farmers thousands of years ago.
What did a eagle sitting on a cactus mean ? It meant it was a good place to settle.
When did the aztecs make their settlement ? The Aztecs founded their settlement in 1325.
What did the Aztecs call their island ? The Aztecs called their island Tenochititlan.
What were the floating gardens called ? The floating gardens were called chinampas
What was the island good for ? The Aztec island was very good for traveling and transporting.
When did the Aztecs feel brave enough to face their enemies ? In 1400 the Aztecs had the confidence to go against their enemies.
What was the name of the ruler that was a ruler and a poet ? The ruler's name that was a ruler and a poet was Nezahualcoyolt.
What did the Spanish feel when they saw the aztec empire ? The Spanish felt astonished when they saw how beautiful the aztecs empire was.
What were the Aztec people ? The Aztec people were mainly agrarian people.
What was the lowest society of people ? The lowest part of society were slaves.
What did most commoners do ? Most commoners revolved around farming.
What were Aztec men trained to be ? Aztec men were trained to be warriors of their state.
What did the Aztecs create ? The Aztecs created a strong state led by a powerful king.
What helped the king rule his kingdom ? There were five royal Advisors to help the king run his kingdom.
What was the most important god for the Aztecs ? The main god of the Aztecs was Huitzilopochtli.
Who were mostly the ones who got sacrificed ? The prisons who were captured in war.
Created by: Dereka18