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ARRT review covering Equipment Operation & Quality Control and Image Acquisition

1- misalignment of the tube part IR relationship results in ? Shape distortion (PAGE. 179 )
2- in electronic imaging as digital image matrix size increases? Pixel size decrease (PAGE. 179 )
3- an algorithm as used in X-ray imaging is an ? Series of variable instructions (PAGE. 179 )
4- the component of a CR image plate IP that records the radiologic image is the? Photostimulable phosphor (PAGE181. )
5- the radiation dose received by the digital detector for each image is indicated by the ? Exposure indicator (PAGE.181 )
6- the luminescent light emitted by the PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by the ? ADC (PAGE. 182 )
7- the term windowing describes the practice of ? Changing the image brightness and/ or contrast scale (PAGE.183 )
8- potential digital image post processing tasks include? Annotation, inversion/ reversal (PAGE. 185 )
9- what pixel size has a 612 x 512 matrix with 20 cm field of view FOV ? 0.04 mm/ pixel (PAGE.185 )
10-all the following affect the exposure rate of the primary beam except? A- distance B- kilovoltage C- filed size Filed size (PAGE.186 )
11- term is used describe unsharp edges of tiny radiographic details? Blur (PAGE. 186 )
12- analog to digital conversion is required in the following imaging system? CR (PAGE.188 )
13- for the same FOV, spatial resolution will be improved using ? A lager matrix (PAGE188. )
14- the absorption of useful radiation by a grid is called ? Grid cutoff (PAGE. 189 )
15- exposure rate will decrease with an increase in ? SID (PAGE. )196
16- pathologic conditions probably will require a decrease in exposure factors? osteoporosis (PAGE.197 )
17- as window level increases? Brightness increases (PAGE. 200 )
18- the X-ray image seen on the computer display monitor is ? Analog image (PAGE.200 )
19-requires two exposures to evaluate focal spot accuracy? Slit camera (PAGE. 203 )
20- focusing distance is associated with ? Girds (PAGE. 203 )
21-the processing algorithm represents the ? Anatomical part and projection (PAGE.204 )
22- pathologic conditions would require an increase in exposure factors? Ascites (PAGE. 207 )
23- boxes of film stores in too warm an area may be subject to ? Film fog (PAGE.207 )
24- X-ray film emulation is most sensitive to safelight fog? During development (PAGE. 208 )
25- how often are radiographic equipment collimators required to be evaluated? Semiannually (PAGE. 209 )
26- during CR imaging the latent image present on PSP is changed to a computerized image by ? ADC (PAGE. 209 )
27- exposed silver halide crystals are changed to black metallic silver by? Reducers (PAGE. 209 )
28- examination should 70 kV not be exceeded? Intravenous urogram (PAGE. 214 )
29- What frequency must radiographic equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? Annually (PAGE.259 )
30- light sensitive AEC devices are know as ? Photo timers (PAGE.260)
31- the electron cloud within the x ray tube is the product of a process called ? Thermionic emission (PAGE.261)
32- a slit camera is used to measure? Focal spot size and spatial resolution (PAGE.262)
33- circuit devices that permit electrons to flow in only one direction are ? Solid state diodes (PAGE.262)
34- devices converted mechanical energy to electrical energy? Generator (PAGE.262)
35- the type of X-ray tube designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposure? Grid controlled (PAGE.263)
36- the voltage ripple associated with a three phase 12 pulse rectified generator is about ? 13% (PAGE.263)
37- a high speed electron is decelerated as is attached to a tungsten atom nucleus this results in ? Bremsstrahlung radiation (PAGE.263)
38- the procedure whose basic operation involves reciprocal motion of X-ray tube and IR? Tomography (PAGE.263)
39- device is used to control voltage by varying resistance? Rheostat (PAGE264 )
40- the regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance is most accurately termed ? Quality control (PAGE.264)
41- as electron impinge on the anode surface, less than 1% of their kinetic energy is changed to ? X-ray (PAGE.264)
42- when the radiographer selects kilo voltage on the control panel which device is adjusted? Auto transformer (PAGE.264)
43- star and wye configurations are related to? Three phase transformers (PAGE.265)
44- congruence of the X-ray beam with the light field is tested using ? Radiopaque objects (PAGE.265)
45-the kV setting on radiographic equipment must be tested annually and must be accurate to within? +/- 4 kV (PAGE.265)
46- the device used to test the accuracy of the X-ray timer is the ? Spinning top (PAGE. 265 )
47- term describe the amount of electric charge flowing per second? Current (PAGE. 267 )
48- which part of an induction motor is located out side the X-ray tube glass envelope? Stator PAGE.268 )
49- functions to increase the milliamperage. Increase in heat of the filament (PAGE. 269 )
50- the most likely produce the highest quality radiographic image ? High SNR (PAGE. 273)
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