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Rule Outs NCMHCE

Rule out diagnoses DSM-5

DisorderRule Outs
Antisocial Personality Disorder Criminal Behavior, Substance Abuse, Narcissistic PD, Paranoid PD, hypomanic episode in bipolar II disorder, cyclothymic disorder
Brief Psychotic Disorder psych. DO due to med. cond., delirium, sub./med. induced psych. DO/delirium/intox., schizophren. DO, Delusional DO, Bipolar DO with psych. feat., other schizo. spec. and other psych. DO, factitious DO, PD, schizophrenia, Dep. w/ psych. feat.
Delusional Disorder delirium, major neuro. DO, psych. DO due to med. cond., subs/med.-induced psych. DO, schizophrenia, schizophren. DO, Dep. DO w/ psych. feat., Bipolar DO w/ psych. feat., OCD or body dismorph. DO w/ absent insight/delusional beliefs, schizoaffective DO
major depressive disorder cancers - present as dep., renal and cardiopulm. dis., infections dis., neuro. illness, nutritional deficiency, endocrinologic anomaly, manic epis. w/ irritable mood or mixed epis., subs/med-induced depressive DO, ADHD, adjust. DO w/ dep. mood, sadness
tourette's disorder Abn. move. med. cond., Effects of subs., Choreiform, dystonic, athetoid, myoclonic, hemiballismic move., Spasms, Hemifacial spasm, Synkinesis, Med-induced move. DO, Stereotyp. move. DO, Autism, compuls., schzphrnia, prov. tic DO, chron. motor DO, pers. mo
adjustment disorders acute stress disorder, Major depressive disorder , PTSD, PD, Psychological factors affecting other medical conditions, Normative stress reactions
major or mild neurocognitive disorder due to Alzheimer disease Normal aging, Major depressive disorder, Delirium, Other neurocognitive disorders, Medical conditions
anorexia nervosa medical condition causing weight loss, major depressive DO resulting in lack of appetite and weight loss, substance abuse DO, bulimia nervosa, social anxiety DO, body dysmorphic DO, OCD, schizophrenia, avoidant/restrictive food intake DO
ADHD Normal temperamental characteristics, Depressive DO, Bipolar DO, Anxiety DO, Intermittent explosive DO, Oppositional defiant DO, Stereotypic movement DO, Tourette's DO, Autism, Specifi
exhibitionistic disorder Neurocognitive disorders, Conduct disorder , Antisocial personality disorder, Schizophrenia , Substance use disorders , Situational difficulties (i.e., lack of suitable partners)
borderline personality disorder Hist. PD, Narcissistic PD, Paranoid PD (do not include self-destructive behavior or feelings of aloneness), Depressive DO, Bipolar DO, Person. change due to another med. cond. , SUD, ID problems, DependentPD, SchizotypalPD, AntisocialPD
generalized anxiety disorder PTSD, adjust. DO, depressive DO, psych. DO, Bipolar DO, anxiety DO med cond., OCD, social anxiety DO, SUD induced anxiety, panic DO
factitious Disorder conversion DO, borderline PD, somatic symptom DO, med. cond. or mental DO not associated w/ intentional symptoms, malingering
somatic symptom Disorder other med. cond., schizophrenia, illness anxiety DO, panic DO, GAD, depressive DO, sexual dysfunction, conversion DO, dissociative DO, OCD, body dismorphic DO, delusional DO
body dysmorphic disorder normal appearance concerns, psych. DO, eating DO, gender dysphoria, MDD, avoidant PD, OCD and related DO, delusional DO somatic type, koro, anxiety DO, illness anxiety DO
schizoid personality disorder "loner" w/o pathology, delusional DO, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar or MDD DO w/ psych. feat., SUD, personality change due to med. cond., schizotypal PD, paranoid PD
genito-pelvic pain/penitration disorder occasional pain associated with sex, medical condition, inadequate sexual stimuli, somatic symptom DO and related DO, specific phobia
premature ejaculation occasional problems with premature ejaculation, substance/medication induced sexual disfunction
male hypoactive sexual desire disorder substance/medication use, interpersonal factors, MDD or other nonsexual mental DO, another medical condition, other sexual dysfunction, occasional problems with sexual desire
persistent depressive disorder bereavement or adjustment DO w/ depressed mood, substace abuse, MDD, psych. DO, PD, substance/medication induced bipolar or depressive DO, bipolar or depressive disorder due to another medical condition
depersonalization/derealization disorder other dissociative DO, schizophrenia and other psychotic DO, MDD, anxiety DO, OCD, histrionic PD, illness anxiety DO, substance/medication induced DO, mental DO due to medical condition
paranoid personality disorder delusional DO persecutory type, schizophrenia, MDD w/ psych. feat., personality change due to med. cond., SUD, borderline PD, narcissistic PD, antisocial PD, schizotypal PD
gambling disorder non disordered gambling, manic episode, PD, adverse effect of meds
pyromania insurance gain, purposeful arson, normal curiosity about fire or experimentation by children, impaired judgement due to medical condition, fire set due to conduct DO or similar DO
pedophilic disorder major neurocogntive DO, schizophrenia, situational difficulties, antisocial PD, alcohol and SUD, OCD
major or mild vascular neurocognitive disorder delirium, other neurocognitive DO, other medical conditions, MDD
schizophreniform disorder brief psych. DO, delirm, maj. neuro. DO, depress./bip. DO w/ psych. or cat. feat., schzphrn, delusnl DO, autism, ADHD, PTSD, TBI, OCD, DO disorg. speech in child, schztyplPD, parndPD, schzdPD, other psych. DO, schzoaffct. DO, sub./med induced psych. DO
specific phobia normal shyness, OCD, illness anx. DO, sep. anx. DO, paranoid PD, panic DO, schizoid PD, MDD, agoraphobia, social anx. DO, eating DO, schizophrenia spectrum & other psych. DO, trauma & stressor-related DO
dissociative identity disorder borderline PD, schizophrenia or other psychotic DO, MDD, bipolar DO, conversion DO, seizure DO, facticious DO, substance/med induced DO, PTSD, malingering in forensic context
schizophrenia temp. lobe epil., neur. dis. or trauma, poison, endoc. DO, brief psych. DO, sczphrnfrm DO, sczfctv DO, manic ph of BiPD, Dlusnl DO, schzd & schztpl PD, SUD, autism, comm. DO, mentl DO w/ psych. episds or cat. feat., OCD, body dysm. DO, PTSD
transvestic DO major nuerocognitive DO, schizophrenia, situational difficulties, fetishistic DO, gender dysphoria
narcolepsy hypersomnolence, sleep deprivation and insufficient nocturnal sleep, sleep apnea leading to daytime sleepiness, abuse of sedative drugs, withdrawal from stimulant drugs, seizures, chorea and movement DO, schizophrenia, conversion DO, MDD
narcissistic personality disorder narcissistic traits w/o DO, histrionic PD, borderline PD, obsessive compulsive PD, BiP DO w/mania or hypomania, SUD, antisocial PD
bulimia nervosa Anorexia - binge-eating/purging type (body weight is much below normal), Kleine-Levin syndrome (episodic eating binges and hypersomnia) , Borderline PD (poor impulse control including impulsive eating) , Binge-eating disorder , MDD w/ atypical features
erectile disorder Presence of erections during REM sleep, morning erections, or erections with masturbation suggest a psychological rather than a physical cause , MDD, Subs/med use , Male hypoactive sexual desire DO, Premature ejaculation, Another medical condition
histrionic personality disorder Borderline PD, Narcissistic PD, Dependent PD, Hypomanic episode in BiPII, Hypomanic symptoms in cyclothymic disorder , Antisocial PD, SUD, Personality change due to another medical condition
sexual masochism major neurocognitive DO, schizophrenia, situational difficulties, dependent PD, alcohol & SUD, other paraphilic DO, sexual masochism in absence of distress
obsessive-compulsive disorder Tourette's & tic DO, Temporal lobe epilepsy, Schizophrenia and other psychotic DO, Obsessive-compulsive PD, Eating disorders , MDD, Body dysmorphic DO, Hoarding DO, Trichotillomania Stereotypic movement DO, GAD, Specific phobia, Social anxiety DO
autism spectrum disorder congenital hearing impairment, psychosocial deprivation, childhood schizophrenia, rett DO (in girls), OCD, schizoid PD, selective mutism, language DO, social communication DO, ADHD ID w/o autism, stereotypic movement DO
obsessive-compulsive personality disorder OCD, SUD, personality change due to another medical condition, hoarding DO, narcissistic PD, schizoid PD, antisocial PD
selective mutism pragmatic communication DO, speech sound DO, language DO, childhood onset fluency DO, lack of knowledge of language, schizophrenia or other psychotic DO, severe ID, social anxiety DO autism
voyeuristic disorder major neurocognitive disorder, schizophrenia, situational difficulties, antisocial PD, conduct DO, SUD
posttraumatic stress disorder TBI caused by the traumatic event, substance abuse, borderline PD, factitious DO, malingering, GAD, adjust. DO, dissociative DO, conversion DO, psychotic DO, MDD, acute stress DO, anxiety DO, OCD
trichotillomania aloprecia or hair pulling due to medical condition, normative hair removal or manipulation, OCD, sterotypic movement DO, psychotic DO
obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea primary snoring, narcolepsy, hypersomnia including related to depression, insomnia DO, central sleep apnea, sleep-related apnea, sleep-related hypoventilation, circadian rhythm sleep DO panic attacks, substance/medication induced sleep DO
frotteuristic disorder major neurocognitive disorder, schizophrenia, conduct disorder, antisocial PD, SUD, situational difficulties
conversion disorder substance/medication induced etiologies, neurological disease, somatic symptom DO, somatization DO, body dysmorphic DO, dissociative DO, factitious DO and malingering, depressive DO, panic DO
cyclothymic disorder Subs/med induced BiP and related DO or depressive DO, MDD, BorderlinePD, BiP w/ rapid cycling, Depressive and BiP and related DO due to another med. cond.
dependent personality disorder dependent traits w/o pathology, depressive DO, agoraphobia, panic DO, SUD, personality change due to med. condition, borderline PD
intermittent explosive disorder Alcohol or drug intox or WD, CD, Dissociative DO, Amok, Disruptive mood dysreg. DO, Antisocial PD, Major neurocog. DO Delirium, ADH, ODD, Autism, Personality change due to another medical condition, Borderline PD
avoidant personality disorder social phobia, dependent PD, schizoid PD, agoraphobia, SUD, personality change due to another medical condition
bipolar I disorder BiPII, schozophrenia, schizoaffective DO, subs. abuse, delirium, cyclothymic DO, MDD, BiP due to another medical condition, PD, DO w/ prominant irritability, ADHD, subs/med induced BiP DO, panic DO, GAD or other anxiety DO, PTSD
gender dysphoria hermaphroditis, severe distress about homosexuality, body dysmorphic disorder, schizophrenia and other psychotic DO
kleptomania stealing for gain, faking to avoid prosecution, conduct disorder in childhood and antisocial PD, manic episode in BiP, major neurocognitive DO, psychotic DO
delirium major neurocognitive DO, psychotic DO, Bipolar DO w/ psychotic features, depressive DO w/ psychotic features, acute stress DO, factitious DO and malingering
female orgasmic disorder nonsexual mental disorder, interpersonal factors, another medical condition, substance/medication use, other sexual dysfunction, incompatible sexual technique or inadequate sexual stimulation
delayed ejaculation incompatible sexual technique, substance/medication use, dysfunction with orgasm, another medical condition
schizoaffective disorder psych. DO due to med. cond., delirium, major neurocog. DO, subs/med. induced psych. DO, subs/med induced delirium, schizophrenia, BiP DO w/ psych. feat., MDD w/ psych. feat., brief psych. DO, schizotypal PD, schizoid PD, delusional DO, schizophreniform DO
dissociative amnesia neurocognitive DO, delirium, normal aging, dissociative identity DO, factitious DO and malingering, PTSD, subst related DO, posttraumatic amnesia due to brain injury, seizure DO, catatonic stupor, depersonalization/derealization DO, acute stress DO
schizotypal personality disorder delusional DO, schizophrenia, mood DO w/ psych. feat., SUD, personality change due to another med. cond., mild form of autism, communication DO, BiP or depressive DO w/ psych. feat, paranoid PD, schizoid PD, borderline PD, transient turmoil of adolescence
female sexual interest/arousal disorder nonsexual mental disorders, interpersonal factors, substance/medication use, another medical condition, other sexual dysfunctions, inadequate or absent sexual stimuli
separation anxiety disorder pervasive developmental DO, schizophrenia or other psych. DO, GAD, panic DO w/ agoraphobia, agoraphobia w/o history of panic DO, psychotic DO, CD, developmentally appropriate levels of separation anxiety
panic disorder myocardial infarcation, social anxiety DO, GAD, depressive DO, specific phobia, illness anxiety DO, factitious DO, susbtance/medication induced anxiety DO, anxiety DO due to another med. condition, other mental DO w/ panic attacks, malingering
oppositional defiant disorder normal oppositional behavior, CD, ADHD, depressive DO, BiP DO, depressive mood dysregulation DO, social anxiety DO, intermittent explosive DO, ID, not understanding instructions due to language disability or poor hearing
conduct disorder depressive DO, Bipolar DO, ADHD, intermittent explosive DO, adjustment DO, ODD, disruptive mood disregulation DO
fetishistic disorder transvestic DO, sexual masochism DO or other paraphilic DO, schizophrenia, major or minor neurocognitive DO, situational difficulties, fetishistic behavior w/o fetishistic DO
illness anxiety disorder other medical cond, somatic sympt in children, somatic sympt DO, OCD, GAD, MDD, sep. anx. DO, body dysmorph. DO, specific phobia, psychotic DO, adjustment DO
insomnia use of stimulants, sedative abuser seeking drugs, normal sleep variations, restless legs syndrome, parasomnias, breathing related sleep DO, narcolepsy, situational/acute insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep wake DO, substance/medication induced sleep DO
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