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Geo Bowl Shiz ;-;


Bolivia has two capitals. Sucre is the name of one of them. The other is... La Pas
Sao Paulo is the largest in South America in the largest country of South America. Name the country.... Brazil
This coastal city in Brazil is famous for beautiful beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the yearly festival called carnival. It's name means "January River." What is this city? Rio De Janeiro
This lake lies between Peru and Bolivia. It's elevation makes it by far the highest major lake in the world. Lake Titicaca
Over 275 individual waterfalls come together to form one huge waterfall that lies on the borders of Brazil and Argentina. It may not be the tallest waterfall in South America, but it is one of the world's largest. Iguazu Falls
This mighty river begins its 4,000 mile journey high in Andes mountains in Peru and finally meets the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. It is the world's second longest river and the rainforest along its shores is home to more wildlife than any other place. Amazon River
This is the largest country (In land area) in South America and the only country in South America where Portuguease is the official language. Most of this country's people live in the Atlantic coastal. Name the country ___ and the capital Brazil (Capital: Brasilia)
The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, (South of the equator), occur at opposite times of the year from seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States. So, when it is January in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay what season is it? Summer
The tallest mountain in South America is in Ades mountain range on the border of Argentina and Chile. What is the name of this 22,834-foot high mountain? ____ Aconcagua Mountain
This country one west coast of South America is the longest country in the world (2,560 miles long) and very narrow (no more than 270 miles wide) Name the country ____ and it's capital ____ Chile (Capital: Santiago)
The driest place on earth is in this desert in Chile. Parts of it have not had any rain for over 400 years Atacama Desert
If you were in Argentina and wanted to sail from Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean you could sail around ____ at the tip of South America. Frigid temperatures, rough waters and high winds make this a very dangerous route. Ships avoid it by Cape Horn (You can avoid it by cutting through-) Magellan
Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America. What is the capital? Buenos Aires
Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America and most of the land is low lying grassland, perfect for raising cattle and sheep. What is the capital Uruguay Montvideo
Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America with two very large neighbors, Brazil and Argentina. Name its capital. Asuncion
This high mountain range stretches along almost all of the western part of Southern America. It starts in Colombia in the North and winds through Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in the South. _____ Andes Mountain



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