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house of usher

Melancholy Gloomy or sad
Precipitous Steep or dangerously high
Lurid Vivid color
Tarn Small mountain lake
Sedge Inconspicuous flower
Sojourn Temporary stay
Malady Disease
Munificent Generous
Unobtrusive Non conspicuous
Appellation Title
Pestilent Deadly
Phantasmagoric Appearance of an optical illusion
Armorial Heraldic devices
Accosted Approach boldly or aggressively
Trepidation Fear or agitation
Concision Art of minimizing words
Solace Comfort or consolation
Insipid Lacking flavor
Anomalous Deviating from normal
Suppositious Assumption rather than fact
Cataleptical Seizure brain disorder
Sulphureous Containing sulfur
Dirge Lament for the dead
Pertinacity Quality of sticking with something
Collocation Placing things side by side
Sentience Capacity to feel
Prolixity Someone who likes to talk but is really boring
Created by: x.morgg.x