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What are the characteristics of a wave? Trough: crest; wavelength; amplitude
What is the distance between wave crest called? Wavelength
What color light does white light contain? Roy G Biv
What is the temperature for boiling water in degrees and C/F 100C/212F
Why does an object appear black? It absorbs all visible light
What is the measure that identifies the pitch of a sound? frequency
How does a sound wave travel? Outward in all directions
What energy from the Sun causes sunburns to happen? Ultraviolet light
What circuit has only one path for electric current? Series Circuit
What is electricity? A form of energy
Why is a two-story house warmer on the second floor and cooler on the first floor? the principle of convection
What is the flow of energy between objects that have different temperatures? heat
How does a windmill harness power? Mechanical energy that can be converted into electrical energy
When the amplitude of the waves increases, what happens to its volume? It increases
what is the process of splitting atoms called? Nuclear Fission
Describe how batteries make a radio work? The battery has stored energy that can be changed into electricity. The stored energy is chemical potential energy
What surface curves outward? convex
The change in a sound's pitch if its source or recipient is in motion. Doppler Effect
Matter that doesn't allow light to pass through? Opaque
A wave that moves matter back and forth as it travels through a medium. Compressional Waves
An object with a polished or smooth surface that forms images by reflection Mirror
A surface that curves inward concave
What is the measure of how many wave crests or troughs pass a given point in one unit of time frequency
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