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ARRT registry review covering Patient care content area

Which blood vessels are the best suited for determination of pulse rate? a)superficial arteries. b) deep arteries. c)superficial veins. d) deep veins. a) superficial arteries. (lange Q&A p.1 )
Diseases that require contact precautions include 1. MRSA 2.Clostridium difficile(c-diff) 3. TB a)1 only b)1 and 2 only c)2 and 3 only d)1,2 and 3 b) 1 and 2 only. (lange Q&A p.1 )
For medicolegal reasons, radiographic images are required to include all the following information except a) the patient's name and /or identification number b)the patient's birth date c)a right - or left -side marker d)the date of the examination b) the patient's birth date (lange Q&A p.1 )
An iatrogenic infection is one caused by a) physician intervention b) blood-borne pathogens c)chemotherapy d)infected droplets a) physician intervention (lange Q&A p.1 )
Which of the following drugs is used to treat dysrhythmias? a) Epinephrine b) Lidocaine c) Nitroglycerin d) Verapamil b) Lidocaine (lange Q&A p.2 )
The mechanical device used to correct an ineffectual cardiac rhythm is a a)defibrillator b)cardiac monitor c)crash cart d)resuscitation bag a) defibrillator (lange Q&A p.2 )
A radiographer who discloses confidential patient information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of a)libel b) invasion of privacy c) slander d)defamation b)invasion of privacy (lange Q&A p.1 )
A patient who is warm ,flushed, or feverish is said to be a) diaphoretic b)febrile c)cyanotic d)anxious b) febrile (lange Q&A p.3 )
The legal doctrine res ipsa loquitur means which of the following? a) A matter settled by precedent b)A thing or matter settled by justice c) The thing speaks for itself d) Let the master answer c) The thing speaks for itself (lange Q&A p.3 )
An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism is termed a a) vector b) fomite c) host d) reservoir b) fomite (lange Q&A p.3 )
What is the needle angle usually recommended for intravenous injections? a)90 degrees b)75 degrees c)45 degrees d)15 degrees d)15 degrees (lange Q&A p.5 )
A cathartic is used to a) inhibit coughing b)promote elimination of urine c) stimulate defecation d) induce vomiting c) stimulate defecation (lange Q&A p.5 )
A small container holding several doses of medication is termed a) an ampoule b) a vial c) a bolus d) a carafe b) a vial (langeQ&A p.2 )
Which of the following may be used to effectively reduce the viscosity of contrast media? a)warming b)refrigeration c) storage at normal room temperature d) storage in a cool, dry place a) warming (lange Q&A p.5 )
The type of shock often associated with pulmonary embolism or myocardial infarction is classified as a)neurogenic b)cardiogenic c) hypovolemic d) septic b) cardiogenic (lange Q&A p.5 )
What type of precautions prevent the spred of infectious agents in droplet form? a)Contact precautions b) Airborne precautions c)Protective isolation d) Strict isolation b) Airborne precautions (lange Q&A p.6 )
Examples of nonverbal communication include 1)Appearance 2) Eye contact 3) Touch a)1 only b)1 and 2 only c)2 and 3 only d) 1,2,and 3 d) 1,2 and 3 (lange Q&A p.6)
Each of the following is an example of a fomite except a)doorknob b) a tick c) a spoon d) an x-ray table b) a tick (lange Q&A p.6)
Which of the following legal phrases defines a circumstance in which both the healthcare provider's and the patient's actions contributed to an injurious outcome?a)Intentional misconduct b)Contributory negligence c)Gross negligence d)None of the above b)Contributory negligence (lange Q&A p.6)
Gas- producing powder or crystals usually are ingested preliminary to which of the following examinations? a) Double -contrast barium enema(BE) b) Double -contrast gastrointestinal(GI) series c) Oral cholecystogram d) IV urogram(IVU) b) Double -contrast gastrointestinal(GI) series (lange Q&A p.7)
All the following are central venous lines except a)a Port-a-Cath b)a Picc c)a Swan-Ganz catheter d)a Salem- sump d)a Salem- sump (lange Q&A p.8)
The most effective method of sterilization is a)dry heat b) moist heat c)pasteurization d)freezing b) moist heat (lange Q&A p.8)
Nosocomial infection are those acquired from a) Healthcare facilities b) Physicians c) Inanimate object d) insects a) Healthcare facilities (lange Q&A p.8)
In reviewing a paient’s blood chemistry, which of the following blood urea nitrogen(BUN) ranges is considered normal? a)0.6 to 1.5mg/dL b)4.5 to 6 mg/dL c)8 to 25 mg/dL d)up to 50 mg/dL c)8 to 25 mg/dL (lange Q&A p.8)
An MRI procedure is contraindicated for a patient who has a) a herniated disk b) cochlear implant c) dental fillings d) subdural bleeding b) cochlear implant (lange Q&A p.9)
The medical term for hives is a) vertigo b) epistaxis c) urticaria d) aura c) urticaria (lange Q&A p.10)
In what order should the following examinations be performed? 1.Upper GI series 2. IVU 3. BE a)3,1,2 b)1,3,2 c)2,1,3 d)2,3,1 d)2,3,1 (lange Q&A p.10)
Logrolling is a method of moving patients having suspected a)head injury b)spinal injury c) bowel obstruction d)extremity fracture b)spinal injury (lange Q&A p.10)
The act of inspiration will cause elevation of the 1. sternum 2. ribs 3. diaphragm a)1 only b)1 and 2 only c)2 and 3 only d)1,2,and 3 b)1 and 2 only(lange Q&A p.11)
The normal average rate of respiration for a healthy adult patient is a)5 to 7 breaths/min b)8 to 12 breaths/min c)12 to 20 breaths/min d)20 to 30 breaths/min c)12 to 20 breaths/min (lange Q&A p.12)
A patient in a recumbent position with the head higher than the feet is said to be in which of the following position? a)Trendelenburg b)Fowler c)Sims d) Stenver b)Fowler (lange Q&A p.12)
The medical abbreviation meaning "after meal"is a)tiq b)qid c)qh d)pc d)pc (lange Q&A p.13)
In pediatric imaging a neonate is usually describes a) preschooler b)toddler c)infant d)newborn d)newborn (lange Q&A p.14)
Tracheostomy is indicated in cases of tracheal obstruction when the obstruction is located a) below the level of the larynx b)above the level of the larynx C)inferior to the carina d)in the right primary bronchus b)above the level of the larynx (lange Q&A p.14)
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