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Psyc - Assignment 1

Study Stack - Taking Notes

True or False: Taking notes while attending a class is similar to taking notes while reading a text book. True: However, taking notes during a class offers additional challenges. While reading you are in total control of how fast you receive new information. By contract, when you take notes during a class, the speaker keeps talking.
True or False: In the CORE Learning System-you do not study from either your class notes or your textbooks. False: You'll learn after Collecting key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details from all sources, you'll Organize the information into effective study materials, called "study guides".
True or False: Before you start, you should create a positive affirmation about taking notes. True: Repeat a note-taking affirmation to motivate new learning attitudes and behaviors.
True or False: You shouldn't wait time on assembling appropriate supplies such as favorite pen, using composition books, or a laptop. False: You SHOULD assemble appropriate supplies to help you stay organized.
True or False: Completing homework assignments before class is not necessary. False: Completing assignments before class increases your ability to understand lectures and discussions.
True or False Prepare a list of questions after completing homework assignment and noting which of your questions show up on a test will improve your ability to predict test questions and improve your grades. True
Listen actively: Good notes contain which of the following: a. key concepts b. main ideas c. all of the above C.
Ask and answer questions.: When you have questions you should do what.... a. raise your hand and ask b. stay silent and figure it out c. ask your classmate A. &C.
Listen for verbal cues. Instructors often provide verbal cues to introduce a main idea or supporting detail. What are some of the cues below. a. The point is.... b. Let me repeat that.... c. all of the above C.
Listen for verbal cues. Instructors also give verbal cues before presenting supporting material. What are some of cues below a. a good example is .... b. read chapter 2 for homework c. Evidence for this includes.... A. & C.
When taking notes with a concept map, you should: a. write the key concept in the middle of the page. b. write the key concept at the top of the page. c. neither A.
Concept maps are helpful when lectures ...... a. leap from idea to idea. b. taking notes on class discussions that move back and forth between topics. c. all of the above C.
Speed up note - taking. Most speakers talk much faster than you can write, what are the 3 strategies for speeding up note-taking. _______, ________, and _________. Condense, Leave a blank space, and use abbreviations.
After Taking Notes, do the following. Finish partial_____, Expand on key____, and _____ unnecessary information. sentences, words, delete
If you still have gaps or confusion in your notes, meet with _______, a _______, or your ________ to address the problems. classmates, tutor, instructor
Compare notes: Compare your class notes with those of your ________ or other _________ ___________. study group, motivated classmates.
In concept mapping, the closer an idea is to the middle of a page, the ______ important it is. more
The ____nature of a concept map makes it especially appealing to students who like a picture of what they are learning. visual
Explain the letters in the CORE learning system? (C)ollect ...make a conscious effort to gather information. (O)rganize...arrange information in multiple ways so that you fully understand it. (R)ehearse...distribute practice sessions over time. (E)valuate...seek feedback to determine your quality of
What are the two general methods of note taking? Outline notes - you record ideas as much as possible in the order they are presented. Concept Map - where you place information (key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details) is the key.