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Unit 2 Flashcards

Image Acquisition/Evaluation/Equipment Operation/QA

The longer the wavelength the higher the frequency. True/False False- The shorter the wavelength the higher the frequency. (pg. 439)
What electron shell does Compton scatter eject? Outer shell electron (pg. 440)
What is the percentage ripple effect on three-phase/6 pulse rectification? 13% (pg. 449)
Having a bigger matrix produces a better image in regards to resolution? True/False True- The larger the matrix size, the better the image resolution. (pg. 467)
What is the aluminum equivalent for equipment operated above 70 kv? 2.5 mm Al equivalent (pg. 456)
What type of radiation ejects a K shell leaving a vacancy and an adjacent shell filling it? Characteristic Radiation (pg. 451)
Where is the stator located? Outside the glass envelope (pg. 452)
_______________ removes low-energy x-rays from the primary beam. Filtration (pg. 459)
Dividing input screen diameter by the output screen diameter and squaring the result determines what? Minification gain (pg. 484)
How long does a PSP typically last? 10,000 exposures (pg. 508)
A ________________________ evaluates the mA station. Penetrometer (Al step-wedge) (pg. 505)
____________ and _____________ are what make up part of a collimator. Shutters, Mirrors (pg. 512)
How much of the kinetic energy is actually used to convert the electron stream into x-rays? .2% (pg. 453)
List the three things that X-Ray photons can do. Pass through part, be absorbed by the part, and scatter within the part (pg. 440)
Molybdenum, Rhenium, Graphite, Aluminum, and Tungsten are all metals that make up the Anode. True/False False- Aluminum is not part of the construction of the anode. Graphite/molybdenum create the disk with beveled edge, Tungsten/Rhenium create the alloy focal track, and the stem is created by Molybdenum (pg. 452)
What is the purpose of an x-ray timer? Regulate the length of x-ray exposure. (pg. 461)
What type of metal helps resist the anode pitting at high temperatures? Rhenium (pg. 453)
Who created the first CT unit? Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield (pg. 487)
How often is reproducibility testing performed? Annually and when troubleshooting a problem (pg. 506)
Diminished resolution and contrast at the image periphery is _________________. Vignetting (pg. 484)
The typical entrance skin exposure rate is 1 R/min. True/False False Typical entrance skin exposure rate is 2 R/min.
A ______________ converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, and a ______________ converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Motor; Generator (pg. 446)
The effective focal spot is always larger than the actual focal spot. True/False False- The effective focal spot is always SMALLER than the actual focal spot (pg. 455)
What does a rectifier do? Changes alternating current to unidirectional pulsating current. (pg. 464)
Technique used by PSP can be recoverable for up to ________________ over exposure and up to _________________ under exposure. 500%; 80% (pg. 472)
Spatial Resolution and distiortion are considered visibility factors of image quality. True/False False- Spatial resolution and distortion are considerred geometric factors of image quality. (pg. 304)
As_________ increases, more electrons are driven to the _______________ with greater speed and energy. kv, anode (pg. 309)
What is the single most important way to reduce the production of scattered radiation? Restrictinng the size of the x-ray field. (collimation) (pg. 310)
What is grid frequency? The number of lead strips per inch. (pg. 314)
List three destructive pathologic conditions. Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Pneumoperitoneum, Emphysema, Degenerative arthritis, Atrophic and necrotic conditions. (pg. 318)
What part of the anatomy shold be under the cathode when using the anode heel effect? Thicker (pg. 319)
High contrast is considered a _______________ scale contrast, Low contrast is considered a ________________ scale contrast. Short, Long (pg. 338)
What are two things that happen as grid ratio increases? Scattered radiation cleanup increases and contrast improves, contrast scale decreases, technical factors must increase, patient dose increases, and positioning latitude decreases. (pg. 346)
Does an increase in OID will increase or decrease magnification? Increase (pg. 360)
The _____________ focal spot size, the ___________ the spatial resolutionn. smaller; better (pg. 365)
What is the best way to eliminate motion on a radiograph? Using the shortest possible exposure time (pg. 367)
What percentage of an exposure recieved by the film emulsion is from fluorescent light? 98% (pg. 370)
When will the latent image on PSP start to fade? About 8 hours after exposure (pg. 374)
List the three cycles PSP undergoes? x-ray exposure, reading, and erasure (pg. 393)
What is the most commonresult of improper film storage? fog (pg.399)
Automatic rescaling function can fix exposures of up to 400% over exposed, and under exposure of up to 50%. True/False False- Automatic rescaling function can fix exposures of up to 500% and underexposure of up to 80%. (pg,413)
What is recommended for cleaning on PSPS? Anhydrous ethanol (pg. 429)
A increase in developer temperature of 2 degress to 3 degrees Farenheight will produce a dramatic decrease in optical density. True/False False- A DECREASE in developer temperature will produce dramatic decrease in optical density (pg. 333)
How much does kvp need to be increased or decreased to double or halve the receptor exposure? 15% (pg. 323)
When should a grid be used? When a body part measures greater than 10 cm (pg. 310)
Densty refers to what on an image? The amount of image blakening (pg. 321)
What does the widow width control on postprocessing? Shades of gray (pg. 334)
List two factors that can cause CR graniness. Underexposure, incorrect processing algorithim/LUT, excess scattered radiation, inadequate collimation, and grid misalignment/cutoff (pg. 337)
AECs require measurement because the AEC automatically adjusts the exposure for tissue variations. True/False False- AECS do not requiremeasurement due to the fact they automatically adjust the exposure for tissue variatioins. (pg. 352)
______________ _________________ in digital imaging improves with smaller pixel size, smaller pixel pitch, and larger image matrix? Spatial Resolution (pg. 355)
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