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Intro To Dance

Ballet 1st thighs together feet facing out
Ballet 2nd feet shoulder with apart facing out
Arms in 2nd Position arms out slightly bent hands facing down and in
Angola 16th century, used by slaves to make look like work, traditional
Tendue the foot draws out and comes to a point
Pontiera bend knee to chest then kick then bring it back in
Flatback hands by side, long neck, back is flat
Side Esquiva Esquiva facing side
Flex (Foot) toes pointing up
Arms in Fifth Position Arms like a ballerina
Coccyx Balance
Bill T. Jones 1952, influenced Martha Graham, director and choreographer
Upward Dog toes tucked under hips on ground stretching back
Downward Dog hips in air
D-Man in the Waters Dream about people dying, living, or saving who you should help in life
Isadora Duncan 1877-1920s, mother of modern dance, improve, rejected classic ballet
Martha Graham pioneer of modern dance, free
Spinal Cord 33 bones
Cervical Spine 7 bones
Thoracic Spine 12 bones
Lumbar Spine 5 bones
Sacral Spine 5 bones
Capoeira Regional was stile of dance after ban in 1930s
Capoeira Angola orginal dance by slaves in afro-Brazil were not aloud to dance
Mestre Bimba or Manuel dos Reis Machado created Capoeira Regional and helped end ban
Mestre Pastinha or Vincente Ferreira Pastinha founded first Capoeira Angola school
Coccygeal Spine 4 bones
Capoeira Afro-Brazilian art form that ritualizes movement, 16th century
Jole flip cartwheel
Jinga warm up leg side to side
Balonce hands up bent at elbows and bending body
Esquiva hands in front of face and deep plie
Demi Plie half way bent plie
Grande Plie deep plie
Created by: goaliegirl54