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radiation pro

radiation protection

abbreviation for maximum perissible dose MPD
cellular damage & death occcurs from radiation of the ----of a cell DNA
Nuclear regulatory commission this agency has the power to enforce rad. protection standard. NRC
formula for equivalent dose Eqd=ABD Dose x rad.w1
amount of radiation to cuse twice the amount of response (mutation) Doubling Dose
What is an RSO Radiation Safety Officer
severe radiation damage to DNA can include---aberrration & ---damage chromosome & ctyogenic
thickness of material that will attenuate 50% of x-ray beam. half valve layer
what is an OSL & its properties most cost effective dosimeter Iptically stimulated luminescence,Most cost effective dosimeter
what is reproducibility & its limit? variation in x-ray exposure not to exceed 5%
forumla for relative risk relative risk=observe cases over expected cases
----is the most common interaction of x-ray with human body? radiolysis
Annual MPD for a Radiation tech. 5rem
what is linearity & the acceptable varience. variation from one mA station to another & 10max
process that deposits energy into the material radiated absorption
List 3 types of weariable radiation protection devices? glove,apron,thyroid shields
T/F Radiation in-utero increases the risk of child leukemia by 50% true
what is a point source of radiation tube-primary beam/leakage radiationpatient-scatter
This organization is considered the internation authority on radiation safety ICRP
What is TVL? tenth valve layer
type of area moniter used to detect alpha & beta particles? proportional counter
the ability to do work is ? energy
this agency will conduct on site inspection of x-ray & mammography equipment FDA
Who invented fluoro & when? Thomas Edison-1896
what are the 4 stages after Rad.exposure prodromal,latent,manifest,death/recovery
name the 5 types of DNA damage from radiation main chain scission-one railmain chain scission-two railcross linkingrung breakagechange or base loss-point mutation
alters the quality of the x-ray beam kVp
process that prevents photon from reaching the target attenuation
a point at which a response 1st occurs is called threshold
forumala for exposure mA x s
what is the first stage of radiation sickness called prodromal stage
ionization in the air roentgen(R)
what is a PBL & what is the limit of variation? positive beam limitation-2%
In a sine wave frequency & wavelength are--- porportional inversely
the indirect effect is caused by the Radiation of --- molecules water
what is the equation for the maximum # of e- in a shell 2n z
an atom with diferent # of neutrons & same # of protons is? isotope
of the 3 cardinal rules which one is most effective distance
groups of element in the periodic table represent. elements with the same # of outer shell e-
a type of ARS which occurs at 1000 rads is GI syndrome
hardens the x-ray beam filtration
easily penetrated by x-ray radiolucent
this organization used to be called the Atomic Regulatory commission NRC
Type of radiation effect on a molecule resulting in lower viscosity main chain scission
type of radiation effect on a molecule resulting in increased viscosity chain linking
radiation induced chromosome damage in termed the cytogenetic effect
formula for cmulative life time MPD 5(n-18) or age x 1rem
has mass & takes up space matter
a very conservation risk model concerning radiation exposure ALARA
what are the 3 effects that occur from DNA irradiation? cell deathgenetic damagemalignant disease
late somatic effect resulting in callused discolored & weathed looking skin. radiodermatitis
describe protein synthesis in the cell DNA in order starting with DNA DNA--transcript--mRNA--transfer--& RNA--translate--protein
what is MMD? mean marrow dose
what dose response relationship does cataracts formation have? non-linear threshold
---is the result of 300-400 rad.& results in the death of 50% at the population in 60 days? LD50/60
Name for electromagnetic energy Radiation
what is the stage of apparent well-ness during rad.sickness called? latent stage
most radiosensity cell in the human body? lymphocytes
x-ray interaction when an outer shell e- is sent out of orbit with some loss of energy? compton effect
one of the 4 contributing factors in somatic or genetic damage is the ---of the area exposed size
what is cytogenetics? study of genetics & particulary chromosomes
a somatic effect which has a random chance of occurance after exposure is called? stochastic
formula for oxygen enhancement ratio OER=dose without 02(02)over dose with 02(02)
the --target/--hit theory is best described aws the response of simple cells to radiation single & single
non-stochastic prevents the effects--- of non-stochastic effects from occuring
stochastic-to limit the risk of----- stochastic responses to radiation exposure
3 ways that dose is reported? skin, gonads, marrow
name 5 dosimeters OSL,TLD,PIC,cutie pie,film badge
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