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Mod B

Unit 3 Review

Medications that control a condition such as (HTN) hypertension Therapeutic
Pertaining to through the skin Transdermal
The reason to prescribe a medication Indication
Pertaining to under the tongue sublingual
The ingesting of a substance for imaging Diagnostic
Pertaining to under the skin Subcutaneous
The reason against prescribing a given medication Contraindication
Medication suspended with a mist Aerosol
The scientific name of the drug Chemical name
The route through the cheek buccal
The proprietary, capitalization, and copyrighted name Brand name
Pertaining to fever Pyretic
The common, shortened chemical name Generic name
A medication that controls the growth of bacteria Bacteriostatic
An annual commercial listing of drugs PDR
A medication that destroys or dissolves blood clots Thrombolytic
A government agency that enforces safety standards FDA
A medication that relieves pain Analgesic
A guide to approved formulas_ USP
A medication that kills fungus Fungicidal
A government agency that regulates drugs with potential for abuse DEA
Controlled substances that have no medical use Schedule 1
A medication to dull the senses Narcotic
The killing of an illness such as a bacteria or fungus Curative
A medication to take away feeling Anesthetic
A medication used to promote urination Diuretic
The use of drugs for treating diseases Pharmacotherapeutic
One who specializes in drugs Pharmacist
The study of drugs Pharmacology
The power of a drug on the body_ Pharmacodynamics
The movement of drugs through the body Pharmokinetics
Two medications that are weakened by being given together Antagonistic
Drugs that may cause birth defects Teratogens
A drug taken in excess causing it to be poisonous to the body toxic effect
Undesired or unintended effect of a medication_ Adverse reaction
Medications that are strengthened by being given together Synergist
Whereas a drug that acts on a limited site in the body Local
An effect that occurs unexpectedly and is unique to an individual Idiosynerasy
A drug that reacts throughout the body Systemic
A condition of a patient taking multiple medications without the knowledge of their doctor Polypharmacy
A preventative medication Prophylactic
Medication that go through the GI tract/orally Enteral
A drug administration means any non-oral means of administration Parenteral
A local administration of a medication to the skin Intradermal
The route of administering medication through a vein Intravenous
Medications that are administered through the skin Percutaneous
The part of the prescription that tells the patient how the medication should be taken Signature
The number of doses, the quantity, and the form of the drug Subscription
The part of the prescription that has the name and amount of Inscription
before meals a.c.
after meals p.c.
sublinual SL
2 x day bid
3 x day tid
4 x day qid
everyday/daily qd
every other day qod
immediately STAT
Food and Drug Administration FDA
Physicians’ Desk Reference PDR
Drug Enforcement Administration DEA
as needed PRN
directions sig
ointment ung
extended release XR
controlled release CR
as desired ad lib
by mounth PO
night noc/noct
nothing by mouth NPO
hours of sleep hs/hos
capsules caps
tablets tabs
intravenous IV
intramusclur IM
intradermal ID
subcutaneous SC
within intra-
cheek bucc/o
skin derm/o
pertaining to -al
process of action
breathe hal/o
low/below hyp/o
intestines enter/o
across/through trans-
air aer/o
vein ven/o
near/beside par-
rectum rect/o
under/below sub-
place top/o
pertaining to -ical
pertaining to -ous
skin cutane/o
through/complete di-
pain alges/o
feeling/sensation esthet/o
fever pyr/o
fungus fung/o
pertaining to killing -cidal
stupor, dull sensation narc/o
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