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mid term

Special tubing is required with which drug nitroglycerin
capsule can contain smaller caps or tablets,powders& liquids
when placing weights on a pharmacy torsion balance you should never touch the weights with your hands
how often must a class A prescription balance be recertified every 12 months
the grinding of a powder with a mortar & pestle in order to reduce particle size trituration
coring can be prevented by inserting needle 45 degree angle
what is the name of the inside of the shaft of a needle the lumen
how to recapped a needle one hand scoop technique
coring most likely to occur with which gauge needle 16 gauge
corncerning needle recapping used immunization should never be recapped
how should ODTs tablets be taken placed on the tongue
an amount of air is injected into a vial before that amount of solution is removed in order to help withdraw the solution by providing positive pressure
what is the beyond use date assigned to a water containing oral solution 14 days
the record includes the actual products & procedure as well as a description of the final product after a drug product is made compounding record
a water containing formulation prepared from ingredients in a solid topical form should be assigned a beyond use date that is no more than 30 dats from the date of compounding
how long do you run the laminar flow hood when it has been turned off 30 minutes
which dosage form is contained in a gelatin shell capsule
the dissolution step would not be necessary for drug absorption from which dosage form oral solution
which liquid dosage form consist of solid particles dispersed throughout but not dissolved in a liquid suspension
which part of a meniscus should you look at in order to measure the volume of a liquid in a glass cylinder bottom
before using the laminar hood cleaning from back to front and top to bottom using 70% isopropyl alcohol
a flavored hydroalcoholic oral solution containing up to 40% alcohol elixir
what is the correct temperature to store a refrigerated product 36 f to 46 f
where should one dispose of used syringes sharps container
modified release tablets can also be called sustained release ,extended release, & sustained action
non- sterile USP <795>
which auxiliary label should always be placed on a suspension shake well before using
the main source of contamination when working in the laminar flow hood is the person preparing the IV
where is a piggy back hung in relation to the primary IV bag above
which drug must be placed in a polyolefin IV bag or in a glass IV bottle nitroglycerin
when measuring a liquid in a syringe, you should read the volume indicated by the black ring closest to the tip
a drug say "store at 25 degrees Celsius' where should it be stored at room temperature
to compound a liquid preparation containing a water based vehicle and a drug that is oil soluble dosage form would be emulsion
what is the minimum weight quanity of a drug on a class A torsion balance 120mg
compounding is the on-demand formulation of a drug preparation according to a physicians prescription for an individual patient
a technician should scrub their hands ,nails, wrist and forearms up to elbows with soap for how long 30 seconds
which dosage form is an aqueous solution containing lots of sugar a syrup
what would be the latest beyond use date for a non aqueous medication prepared on March 23,2017 September 23,2017
the term for triturating a powder with a solvent in which it is insoluble in order to reduce particle size levigation
what is the smallest capsule size 4
what type of dispersion is either oil in water or water in oil emulsion
which will cause the phenomenon know as a meniscus liquid measured in a glass graduated cylinder
sterile USP <797>
which liquid dosage form consist of drug particles completely dissolved in a solvent solution
working in a laminar flow hood all work must be done at least _____ inches back from the front edge of the hood 6
which of the following is the only drug that can not be crushed atenolol 50mg tablet
when some drugs are chronically administered,the liver will increase it enzyme activity. this is called____ enzyme induction
most drugs are excreted by the __________ Kidneys
a patient package insert should be provided with which type of medications oral contraceptives
what variable influences human variability and a difference in response to medications weight, age, pregnancy
to by pass first-pass metabolism, it is best to give what type of drug an intravenous solution
using CPOE physicians can send non urgent medication orders that are sent directly to the pharmacy
tall man lettering is used to better distinguish between two drugs with similar names
if a patient's renal function is impaired the dose of drugs excreted by the kidney will need to be monitored for accumulation
the primary organ associated with excretion of drugs is the kidneys
first pass metabolism occurs in the ____ and can cause substantial degradation before a drug reaches the systemic circulation liver
drug interaction questions must be answered by the pharmacist
the site where a majority of metabolism occurs is the liver
what is the functional unit of the kidney the nephron
the place where a drug elicits an effect is the site of action
the process by which a drug is moved from a dosage form into the systemic circulation is called absorption
warning or informational stickers placed on a prescription bottle by the pharmacy top alert the patient to something is called auxiliary labels
in the orange book, the letter rating AB indicates that products are considered bioequivalent
a list of drugs covered by an insurance company or that the P&T committee of a hospital creates and & its prescribers are limited to formulary
medications that are known to significant harm if an error is made are called high-alert medications
when selecting a drug from the shelf, the pharmacy technician should verify that the product is correct by matching the NDC number
a medication error may involve the wrong drug, the wrong patient, the wrong directions
unsure what the drug is or what the directions say the pharmacy technician should ask the pharmacist
which class of medications is considered high-alert anticoagulants (blood thinners)
the transfer of a drug from the bloodstream to the site of action is called distribution
the label of a repackaged medication should include generic name
warning/message generated by a pharmacy or insurance company to notify the pharmacist of a safety concern is a DUR message
most drugs penetrate biological membranes by absorption
the FDA requires drugs that are considered to be equivalent to be identical in their dosage form
counseling, as required by OBRA '90 is provided by pharmacists
two drugs taken together & the combined effect is greater than the two drugs taken separately is what drug interaction synergism
what is the function of an enzyme they are complex proteins that are able to speed up critical chemical reactions in the body
instructions from a medical practioner authorizing a pharmacy to issue a drug to a patient is a/an prescription
_____is latin for the words "to write" and indicates the directions that should be written on the prescription signa
prescribes that are not limited to a specific area of expertise are physicians
drugs that are divided into 5 classifications based on their abuse potential are controlled substances
the best source for information about the therapeutic equivalence of a generic drug compared to the innovator drug orange book
the time when the body first starts to respond to a medication after administration is called onset of action
why is plasma protein bound drug essentially inactive drugs bound to plasma proteins can't cross biologic membranes to get to the site of action
the process of transforming a drug into an inactive compound is called metabolism
what does term half-life refer to the time it takes for the blood concentration to decline to one -half of it's initial value
occurs when a drug with no activity on its own increases the activity of another drug when the two are combined together potentiation
since ibuprofen is an over the counter medication, who may counsel a patient on its use the pharmacist
when conjugated estrogen tablets or cream are dispensed a patient package insert must be given to the patient every time the patient picks up the prescription
which of following foods are most likely to interact with warfarin spinach and kale
according to the federal law, pharmacists must be alerted to consultations in all of the following except refill prescriptions
a/an______ is a drug that bind to receptors and activate them to produce a response agonist
Name the four ADME processes absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
a/an____ is a drug that occupies a receptor, but does not activate it antagonist
what inactive substances, not real medications, are administered to give the patient the impression of receiving and effective medications placebos
a legal document certifying that an individual meets certain objective standards, usually provided by PTCB licensure
Fredrick banting and Charles best are known for the discovery of what hormone insulin
has no legal authority, they accredit nearly all hospitals, clinics, and long term care facilities TJC(The Joint Commission)
the study of drugs, their properties, uses, applications, and effects pharmacology
Quinine was the first drug to be used successfully in the treatment of malaria
the 1970 controlled substances act (CSA) classifies 5 levels of controlled substances that have potential for abuse
DEA form 41 is used to request permission to destroy unwanted schedule 2 (c-2) medications
the 2005 combat methamphetamine epidemic act, establishes strict control on OTC sales of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine
another name for aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid
to renew their certification, CPhTS's must complete 20 contacts hours of pharmacy related continuing education
drugs in DEA schedule 1 have no accepted medical use
a legend drug is any drug that requires a prescription
what medication was first introduced in 1960 birth control pill
the second set of numbers in the 11 digit NDC number represents the drug name and strength
the 1906 food & drug act ______interstate commerse in adulterated or misbranded food, drinks, and drugs prohibits
the 1951 durham-humphrey amendment defines which drug require a prescription
individuals in health care who are given a basic level of training designed to help them preform specific tasks are known as technicians
medication that contain habit forming ingredients such as codeine can be sold OTC with age restriction such as age are exempt narcotics
clinical trials for new medications involve testing drugs on people
the drug enforcement agency (DEA) is part of the justice department
the CPhT credential must be renewed every ______ years 2 years
which agencies laws provide a foundation for the state laws that govern pharmacy practice federal law
cocaine was the first effective local anesthetic
in 1928 alexander fleming discovered a fungus that produces a chemical that kills bacteria ,the chemical is called penicillin
DEA form 222 is used to order schedule 2 (c2) medications
the area of greatest employment for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is community pharmacies
the analgesic that was developed from a natural chemical found in the bark of the whit willow tree is known as acetylsalic acid
the foxglove plant contains a drug that is used to treat heart disease
what individuals may or may not do in their jobs is known as the scope of practice
patents offer 20 years of protection but the time from the drug discovery to its finally approved by the FDA its often up to _years 10 years
departments of professional regulation or ___are responsible for licensing all prescribers& dispensers &creating the SCSA. state boards
the 1990 (OBRA) requires pharmacist to offer ___to medicare and Medicaid patients regarding medications counseling
both domestic and imported drugs require approval by a/the ____be fore they are marketed in the united states FDA
the 1962 Kefauver-harris amendment requires drug manufactures to provide proof of safety and effectiveness before marketing a drug
the most serious classification for a drug recall is class, what 4
in 2006 ,this medication was marked as the first medication to target a cause of cancer Gardasil
the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 requires health-care providers to be responsible for the privacy and security of a patients PHI(protected health information)
licensed pharmacists are legally responsible for the work of pharmacy technicians
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