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Airway Management

Egan's Fundamentals in Respiratory Care Chapter 36

What is Cerebrospinal Rhinorrhea or otorrhea Fracture causes CSF to come out of nose or mouth
What are the signs of a basal skull fracture (battle signs) Racoon eyes, bruising behind ears
What is the thyroid cartilage also known as Adam's Apple
What does arytenoid cartilages have attachment for vocal cords
What are the ABCs of airway management Airway, breathing, circulation (circulation is the most important)
What will occur after 0-1minutes without oxygen cardiac irriability
what will occur after 0-4minutes without oxygen brain damage is not likely
what will occur after 4-6minutes without oxygen brain damage is possible
what will occur after 6-10minutes without oxygen brain damage is very likely
what will occur after more than 10 minute without oxygen irreversible brain damage
What are the 4 times of OPAs Geudal, Berman, Brooks, COPA
which OPA is open at the sides of air movement Berman
Are OPAs for conscious or unconscious patients unconscious
What is the Brooks OPA with 1 way valve to direct flow
What is the COPA OPA with cuff
Who is indicated using the anti-anatomical OPA insertion patients over 8 years old
who is indicated using the anatomical technique of OPA insertion patients less than 8 years old
Is the nasal trumpet for conscious or unconscious patients conscious patients
Are supraglottic airways for conscious or unconscious patients unconscious patients
How is the size of LMA chosen by the patients weight
Where is the King-LT placed is sealed in the esophagus
Which balloon is inflated and which tube is used to ventilate when using a Combi-tube when inserted in esophagus both balloons are inflated and the #1 blue tube is used to ventilate. when inserted in trachea the distal balloon is inflated and the #2 clear tube is used to ventilate
What is the inner and outer diameter of a BVM inner= 15mm, outer= 22mm
What does the bag inlet valve do on a self inflating BVM acts as a one way valve allowing air into the compressible unit
What does the patient valve do on a self inflating BVM forces air into patients lungs and prevents rebreathing
How many breaths per minute should be given with a BVM 10-13 BMP (1 squeeze every 5 seconds)
What is the macintosh blade curved blade that is placed in the vellecula
what is the miller blade straight blade that is intended to pick up the epiglottis (often used for neonatal)
What colours does the CO2 detector have purple before detection, yellow in presence of CO2
What are the average sizes of a ETT for males, females and children adult= 8mm female= 7 1/2 children= age/4 +4
how long should pre-oxygenation take place before intubation 3-5 minutes
where should the ETT be placed 2cm past vocal cords and 5cm above the carina
what is RSI rapid sequence induction, is used for patients at high risk of aspiration
what are the classes of mallampati scores 1- complete visualization 2- complete visualization of uvula 3- visualization only of the base of the uvula 4- soft palate is not visible at all
what is the acryonm BURP stands for backward, upward, right ward pressure improves cormark lehane view by 1 full grade pushes thyroid cartilage
what are the grades of Cormack Lehane (requires a laryngoscope) 1- full aperture 2- lower part of vocal cords visible 3- only epiglottis visible 4- epiglottis is not visible
what is the sellicks maneuver pushes back on the cricoid to occlude the esophagus and aid in prevention of gastric aspiration
What is different about childrens larynx's they larynx is more superior and is funnel shaped
what does the trigeminal nerve innervate the nasal cavity
what does the glossopharygneal nerve innervate the pharyngeal structures
what does the vagus nerve innervate the superior laryngeal structures
What must be required to extubate - VC must exceed 10ml/kg of IBW - PNIP must exceed -20cm H20 - arterial saturation must be above 92% - FiO2 must be less than 50%
What are the 2 methods of cuff leak 1. deflate and see if the patient can breathe spontaneously around tube 2. deflate and assess the leak during a PPB with a manual resuscitator and inline pressure monometer (must be under 40cm H2O)
What is the most common design of cuff high volume, low pressure
What is the minimal leak technique listen over trachea while inflating cuff, and it is used for patients who can't tolerate any pressure
what is the minimal occluding volume technique verify inflation of cuff regularly with cuff pressure monometer
what is the endobronchial tube (Uni-vent) isolates left or right lung (left is more common) used in thoracic surgery
what is the endotrol tube used for blind nasal intubation
how do you convert french to mm ID= FR - 2 /4 OD= FR x 0.33
what is the EVAC tube it aids in removal of secretions from building up in the cuff
what is the foam cuffed tube is a self inflating foam filled cuff often used in air transport
what is the hi-low jet multi-lumen jet with humidity and monitoring. Only oral tubes available
what is the lanz tube pressure regulating valve in pilot balloon that ensures pressure in cuff is limited to less than 25 cm H2O
what is the laser tube a flexible, spiral stainless steel tube. the cuff is filled with saline or water and it is used fro laser surgical procedures
what is the RAE tube has a preformed curve to keep connection away from surgical sites during surgeries around the head. Has oral or nasal specific tubes
What is a percutaneous similar to a tracheostomy but is done bedside
What is the standard outer diameter of a tracheostomy tube 15mm
what is the fenestrated trach has a single or multi opening just above the cuff. Enhance speaking when cuff is deflated and the tube is capped
What is the jackson trach a stainless steel or silver, has no cuff and is used for long term or permanent use
what is the passy muir speaking valve trach the patient inspires via the inner lumen and expires around the outside of the tube through the vocal cords, enabling phonation
what is the trach button it maintains the stoma opening for long term and permanent need
what is the montgomery T-tube used for tracheal stenting and it is shaped like a T
What are the 4 types of video assisted intubating devices the glide scope, the airtraq, the levitan scope, the mcgrath
how does the glide scope work has an angulated design to view the anterior glottis
how does the airtraq work has two seperate channels: optical channel is used to visualize the anatomy guiding channel is used to hold and lead the ETT
how does the levitan scope work is a shaped stylet with a slight bend at the proximal cuff. Can be used with or without a laryngscope and it has an oxygen port for insufflation
what is the mcgrath it is a fully portable video laryngscope
What is the Bougie It has a coude tip used for tactile feel of tracheal rings is helpful for a patient that neck movement is contraindicated
what is an assistive stylet it has a trach light to show an upper glow as a well defined circle of light just below the hyoid and above the thyroid cartilage
what two ways can a fast trach LMA be inserted supraglottic or subglottic insertion
what is the bullard it used an eye piece is designed to be used in patients where head and neck must be in neutral position
what is the KIS? Kepler intubation system the worlds first intubating robot
Created by: AimeeAC