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PHAT 162 Pankit Pate

Pharmacology { Reproductive System}

Male reproductive structures Testes, Epididgmis, Vasdeferens,Seminal vesicals, Prostate glands, bulbourethral(cowprees) gland, Scroterm, Penis.
Female reproductive structures Ovaries, Uterine (fallopian) tubes, uteres, Vagina.
Male sex cells Sperm
Female sex cells Oocytes (eggs)
Male sex hormones are called Androgens
The most abundant androgens are Testostern
Female sex hormones are called Estrogens and Progesterones.
The most abundant estrogens Estradiol.
Puberty The age when a individual becomes reproductively functional.
The chief drugs for male reproductive system are Androgens and Anabolic steroids.
HRT Hormone Replacement Theraphy
BCP Birth control pill ( Oral contraceptic)
GnRH Gonodotropin relesing hormone
FSH Follide stimulating hormone.
LH Lutenizing hormone.
The most common oral contraceptic in USA BCP
Oral contraceptives usually consist of combination of..... Estrogens and Propesterone devaties to prevent pregnancy.
Oral contraceptives that contains only progestrone (progestin)...Known as POP's Progestin only Pills
POP's have a slightly higher failure rate than conbination BCP's Example - Micronor (Norethindrone)
Oral contraceptives should be D/C at least 4 weeks prior to surgical procedure to reduce the risk of post-operative throboembolic complications.
For how many weeks usually pregnancy continues after the conception. 38 weeks
Menopausal patients who are on long term estrogen theraphy should be given progestin to prevent endometrial hyperplasia and endometerial carcinoma.
Progestin is not given to women who have had a hysterectiomy.
Androgen Theraphy in Men TO supplement low level of testostreme to correct hypogonaism or cryptorchidism and to increase sperm production in cases of infertility.
AT...indication in women Palliative treatment of Metastatic, Breast Cancer for treayment of post partum breast engorgement, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breast disorder.Also used to stimulate increased production of RBC's protien synthesis of muscle mass.
Athletes may use androgens to improve athletic performance. This is Illegal.
The use of testosterone during pregnancy can cause Masculinization of the fetus.
Estrogen Theraphy used in both genders including replacement estrogen theraphy in women who have had their ovaries removed during reprouctive years.
Estrogen Theraphy in men To prevent osteoporosis and as palliative theraphy for breast and prostate cancer in men.
Estrogen Theraphy is CONTRAINDICATED in women with Breast Cancer, Pregnancy and Lactation.
MOA Mechanism of Action.
Created by: pankitpatel



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