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path 1-2

pathology set 2 quiz 1

Mutations alterations in the DNA structure that may become permanent hereditary changes
Pneumocystis carini sudden onset pneumonia with rapid progression to diffuse lung involvement, common to 60% of AIDS cases
Malignant poorly differentiated cancerous cells invading or metastasizing other tissues
Polyp epithelial tumor which grows as a projecting mass
Anaplastic without form
Dysphagia difficulty swallowing
Anaphylaxis reactions characterized characterized by hypotension and vascular collapse with urticaria, bronchospasm; laryngeal edema.
Benign localized tumors closely resembling their cells of origin
Staging determination of the amount of spread of a neoplasm (for therapy of prognosis)
Neoplasia any new abnormal growth (esp. uncontrolled and progressive)
Sarcoma highly malignant tumors arising from connective tissues
Lipoma tumor composed of fat
Seeding diffuse spread of cancers that occurs hen neoplasms invade a natural body cavity
Lymphatic spread major metastatic route of carcinogens
Hematogenous spread tumor emboli that spread via the bloodstream
Antigen foreign invading body
Antibody immunoglobulin formed to counteract antigens
Natural immunization immunization my exposure of the individual to the disease
Artificial immunization immunization by vaccine
Active artificial immunity a person forms antibodies as a response to a vaccine or toxoid
Passive artificial immunity administered dose of antibodies derived form an animal.
Vaccine low dose of dead or deactivated bacteria or viruses
Toxoid chemically altered toxin
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