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Assignment 1

Taking tests

Create a test-smart plan for you. How will this help you be successful? (write short answer) A smart test plan would include answering the questions you know then go back over the ones that where questionable and take more time.
If any part of the question is false on a true/false question, it will be false? (true/false) True-Note these are no exceptions
If the question contains words such as all, every, only, never or always the answer is probably false. (true/false) True-Note these are few exceptions
Short-answer questions are usually one paragraph in length. (true/false) True-Note make sure to support details
If unsure of a short answer should you write something? (true/false) True-Note you may at least get partial credit. Nothing written is a certain zero.
If unsure and there are 2 correct answera check all of the above (true/false) True-Note do not select all of the above if you can select multiple answers individually.
You should always get a full nights rest before taking a test (true/false) True-Note without rest your brain is under the wrong stimuli and can not function at optimal strength.
Why would proof reading your paragraphs help the overall grade of your paragraph? (write short answer) Even if instructors don't take off for errors, such distractions can undermine your answer. Also improper grammer can ruin the point you are trying to make.
To make clear or ______________ is to explain. (fill in blank) comprehensible
To provide a ________ __________ or highlighting main points is to summarize. (fill in blank) condensed version
Unless directions say you will be penalized for a wrong answer, _______ write something in the blank. (fill in blank) always
Make sure your answer fits __________ into the sentence. (fill in blank) grammatically
Use the length of the blank to indicate whether the _________ answer is one or more words. (fill in blank) correct
After inserting the answer, read the sentence to make sure it _________ ________. (fill in blank) makes sense
A good strategy for beginning your essay response is to _____________________________. A. Revise the question or topic and use it as the first sentence of your essay. B. Create a broad focus point so you can write more stuff off topic. C. Start with a definition; this is sure to grab the attention of the reader. D. Ask your mom to do it. A. Revise the question or topic and use it as the first sentence of your essay.
The 3 factors that will determine how you score on a test are how well you take tests, what you have learned from previous tests and _________. A. How well you have prepared. B. What shoes you are wearing. C. Spending more time out with friends. D. What type of car you drive. A. How well you have prepared.
You should cross out all obvious ___________ answers. A. Incorrect. B. Partially correct answers. C. Correct.D. None of the above. A. Incorrect
When answers are numbers, cross out the __________ and _________. A. Middle,High. B. Highest, lowest. C. Lowest, middle. D. Middle, highest B. Highest, lowest
When taking a test and you get stuck on a question you should ____________________. A. Copy off of classmate. B. Stare at the question until answer appears. C. Move on and come back. D. Go to the restroom and google the answer. C. Move on and come back
When answering a fill in the blank question you should __________ to make sure the sentence makes sense. A. Just answer and move on. B. draw an illustration. C. Proof read to make sure it makes sense. D. read the sentence over D. Read the sentence over
Created by: soyarzabal