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Lord of the Flies Fi

Lord of the Flies Final Terms

Furtive sly, cautious, and secretive characterized by stealth
Enmity A feeling of hostility or ill will
Immured To confine within or as if within walls; imprison
Eccentric Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern
Strident harsh, grating, or shrill; discordant
Mortification A feeling of shame, humiliation, or wounded pride
Recrimination bitter response
Officious offering unwanted advice or services
Ebullience Zestful enthusiasm
Inscrutable Difficult to fathom or understand
Vicissitudes changes
Incredulous Skeptical; disbelieving
Contrive feeling regret and sorrow
Baffled Confusing or perplexing
Blatant glaringly obvious; offensively noticeable
Preposterous Contrary to nature, reason, or common sense
Impalpable Intangible
Myriad Constituting a very large, indefinite number
Tacitly Not spoken; implied by or inferred from actions or statements
Malevolently Having or exhibiting ill will
Taboo A ban of an inhibition resulting from social custom
Obscurely unknown, not easily understood
Tempestuously violent or stormy; extremely emotional or passionate
Effigy A rude figure against a person
Perilous Involving peril or risk; danger
Lamentably able to feel or express sorrow
Ludicrous causing laughter, because absurd
Jeeringly to make fun of rudely, tauntingly
Interminable lasting forever
Somberly very serious
Diffidently lacking self-confidence, shy
Obtuseness not sharp, blunt
Daunting frightening, disheartening
Impervious incapable of being penetrated
Contemptuously disdainful
Derisive contemptuous; mocking
Demented mentally deranged
Demure Decorous; modest, reserved
Corpulent fat, obese
Abominable disgusting; vile
Loathing intense dislike
Purged to cleanse of impurities
Propitiatingly to win good will of
Talisman A ring, stone etc. to bring good luck
Inimical hostile; unfriendly
Excruciatingly Intensely painful
Specious seeming to be good without actually being so
Incredulous unwilling to believe
Theological relating to God or religious doctrine
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