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3rd Grade Vocab

Third Grade Challenge Vocabulary

Election A choosing or selecting for an office by vote.
Research The collecting of information about a particular subject.
Organize To put into working order.
Alkaline Having a pH of greater than 7.
Social Of dealing with human beings in their relations to each other.
Democracy Government by the people.
Economic Having to do with the income, supplies and expenses of a government.
Overlay Something laid over something else.
Macronutrients Nutrients needed in relatively large quantities.
pH The potential of Hydrogen, it is a measurement of h ow acidic or alkaline something is.
Micronutrients Nutrients needed in relatively small quantities.
Viable Able to be put to use.
Tribe Group of people united by a common ancestry and customs, forming a community under a leader or leaders.
Candidate One that aspires to or is nominated or qualified for an office, membership, or award.
Scientific Method A method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses.
Statistics Numerical facts about people, weather, business conditions, etc.
Geology The science that deals with the earth's crust, layers of which it is composed and their history.
Harvest Gather in and bring home for use.
Raised Relief Map A three-dimensional map using color to represent different altitudes.
Acidic Having a pH of less than 7.
Organic Grown by using decaying plant and animal matter instead of artificial fertilizers.
Campaign A series of connected activities to do or get something.
Political having to do with citizens or government.
Sensor A sensing device that reacts to heat, light, pressure, etc., and transmits a signal to control or measure some operation.
Pow-wow A specific event where North American's native people gathered to sing, dance and celebrate their culture.