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Test Taking

Study Guide for Taking Test

T/F You win the test game by scoring the maximum number of points possible? True
T/F If any part of a statment is false the answer is true? False
T/F The first rule of a test-smart plan is answer easy questions first? True
T/F When answering fill-in-the-blank questions you shouldn't read the sentence after answering to make sure it makes sense? False
T/F When solving math problems always write notes and formulas as soon as you get the test? True
T/F After taking a test only reward yourself if you think you did good? False
MC Which one of the following are one of the three factors that determine how well you score on a test? a. cramming the night before b. how well do you take test c. getting the answers from someone else d. none of the above B
MC When answering multiple choice questions which of the following apply? a. Be sure to read all answers before making a choice b. Cross out the highest and lowest. c. If two or more answers are correct choose "all of the above" d. All of the above D
MC What is one point of the CORE Learning System? a. Calculate b. Organize c. Responsibiliy d. Evacuate D
MC After a test you should do which of the following? a. Reward yourself b. cry in a corner and hope you answered all questions correct c. talk to the teacher and ask for extra credit d. drop the course cause you probably failed anyway A
MC If you are stuck on a question which of the following should you do? a. scream and walk out b. tell the teacher the questions are too hard c. move on to another question d. cheat off your neighbor C
MC What is your goal for each test you take? a. Finish ASAP no matter if answers are right or wrong b. Score the maximum number of points possible c. Cheat off your neighbor for the correct answers d. Answer without fully reading the questions B
FITB Unless the directions say you will be penalized for a wrong answer, _______ write something in the blank. Always
FITB When answering essay questions ______ all key terms in the writing prompt. Underline
FITB The CORE Learing System stands for ______ _________ _______ _______ Collected Organized Rehearsed Evaluated
FITB You should prepare yourself both _____ and ______ by getting a good night's sleep the night before and breathing deeply and relaxing once you ge the test. Physically and Emotionally
FITB The second rule of a test-smart plan is to spend _____ in ________ to points avaiable. Time in Proportion
FITB When answer T/F questions are you are reduced to taking a pure guess, choose _______ because it is easier for instructors to write true statements. True
SA What are some consequences of your grades being constantly low? You could be put on academic probabtion, expelled, lose financial aid,and if an athlete you could lose eligibility to play as well.
SA What should you do after a test is completed and you still have time before it needs to be turned in? Start with sections that offer the most points and review them. Check answers in decending order of points available. For math probmes look for errors in each line of your solution.
Created by: rayreza3