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pharmacology, nurs 101

Barbiturates MOA reduce nerve impulses to cerebral cortex (block impulses)
Barbiturates Indication hypnotic, sedative, anticonvulsant
Benzodiazepines MOA depress activity in hypothalmus, thalmus, & limbic system (GABA)
Benzodiazepines Indication sedation, sleep induction, muscle relaxant, decrease anxiety. Lesser- etoh withdrawl, depression, epilepsy
Benzodiazepines interactions kava kava, grapefruit juice
Muscle relaxants MOA majority depress the nerve transmission in the spinal cord. Dantrolent acts directly on the exicitation-contraction of the muscle fibers
Muscle relaxant indication relieves painful MS conditions and muscle spasams
Nursing Process CNS hypnontic sedatives A:mental status, sleep diary, VSS, neuro assessments DX: gas exchange, knowledge, sleep, injury O: free of resp, depression, injury, & normal sleep I: Monitor safety, sleep, abuse, toxicity E: improve sense of well being, decreased spasitcity
What class of drugs are in the hypnotic/sedative group? barbiturates, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants
ADHD/Narcolepsy Agents MOA stimulate areas of the cerebral cortex and thalamus associated w/ mental alertness. Increase norepi and dopamine synapses and block reuptake.
ADHA/Narcolepsy indications treat ADHA and nacrcolepsy
Anorexiants MOA supress appetite control centers in brain. Inhibit reuptake of dopamine, norepi, and serotonin.
Anorexiants indications used to treat obesity
Barbituates adverse effects -Drowsiness/lethargy -paradoxal restlessness/excitement -deprivation of REM sleep -toxic overdose results in respiratory depression/arrest coma or death
Benzodiazepines adverse effects -headache -drowsiness -lethargy -paradoxal restlessness
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