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alexis voc. exam

voc exam 12-15

ambiguous(am big' yu es) (adj) not clear; having two or more meanings S:uncertain A:plain
incalculable(in kal' kye le bel) (adj)too great to be counted; unpredictable S:countless A:measurable
indisputable(in dis pyut' e bel) (adj)beyond question or argument S:irrefutable A:arguable
maneuver(me nu' ver) (n)a planned movement(v)to perform or carry out S:move
scant(skant) (adj)not enough; barely enough S:skimpy A:aboundant
stealthy(stel' the) (adj)done in a way so as not to be seen S:sly A:aboveboard
affirm(e ferm') (v)to declare to be true; state positively S:assert A:deny
fluent(flu' ent) (adj)speaking or writing easily and smoothly S:glib A:choopy
misapprehension(mis ap ri hen' shen) (n)a wrong idea, misunderstanding S:misconception
optimist(ap' te mist) (n) one who expects things to turn out for the best A:pessimist
sulky(sel' ke) (adj)in a bad or nasty mood s: grouchy a: cheerful
trait(trat) (n)a quality or characteristic
abstain(ab stan') (v)to stay away from doing something by one's own choice S: avoid A: yield to
exalt(eg zolt') (v)to make high in rank or power S:elevate A:lower
glum(glem) (adj)depressed, gloomy S: morose A: merry
data(da'te) (n)information;facts, figures,statistics
pantomime(pan' te mim) (n)a play or story (v) to express in this way S: mime show
prosecute(pras' e kyut) (v)to bring before a court of law for trial S:pursue A:defend
sham(sham) (adj)fake,not genuine(n)something false(v)to pretend S:phony A:bona fide
wistful(wist' fel) (adj)full of melancholy yearning or longing A:cheerful
Created by: marcrobertdillon
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