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Science final;

coach brown accel frosh final

In experiments, we always gather how many values? 5
In nexperiments we always gather how many trials? 3
On a graph, the independant variable is plotted on the... X-Axis
On a graph, the dependant variable is plotted on the... Y-Axis
The title of a data table is... Dependant as a function of independant.
What is the density of water in g/mL 1 g/mL
Meterology is: The study of the atmosphere and its phenomena.
The transition zone between the troposphere and the stratoshpere is the tropopause
The transition zone between the mesosphere and the thermoshpere is the mesopause
The lower level of the atmosphere is the... troposphere
The lapse rate in the tropospere is: 3.5*/1,000ft
How proportional is Air pressure to altitude inversly proportional.
The tropic of cancer is: 23.5*n Latitude
On Dec. 21 at noon, the sun is directly overhead... 23.5*s Latitude.
The farthest the earth ever gets from the sun is called... aphelion.
Polar High- 90*
Subpolar low- 60*
Horse latitudes- 30*
Intertropical convergance zone- 0*
Wind blows from... high to low pressure.
Objects set in motion in the northern hemisphere are deflected to which direction due to the coriolis effect right
Cyclones in the northern hemisphere have a counterclockwise inspiral.
Anti-cyclones in the southern hemisphere heve a counterclockwise outspiral.
Anti-cyclones in the northern hemispehere have a clockwise outspiral.
Cyclones in the southern hemisphere have a Clockwise inspiral.
High-pressure areas are usually assosiated with... clear skies.
How are clear nights compared to cloudy nights? Colder.
A front is... Contact of two unlike air masses.
Air masses are classified based on... temperature and moisture content.
Radiation absorbed by the surface and reradiated back to the atmosphere is in the form of... longwave.
Ocean currents in the northern hemisphere circulate... clockwise.
Ocean currents in the southern hemisphere circulate... Counterclockwise
The west coast has coler summers than the east coast due to the cool ocean currents.
The prefix "C" stands for what? Continental.(Dry)
The prefix "m" stands for what? Ocean. (Wet)
The suffix "T" Stands for what? Tropic. (warm)
The suffix "P" Stands for what? Polar. (cold)
The suffix "A" Stands for what? Arctic. (very cold)
The slope of a cold front is... steep.
The slope of a warm front is... Shallow
Through which process is water released from the atmosphere? Precipitation.
Through which process is water added to the atmosphere? Evaporation?
The type of heat transfer by direct molecular contact is... Conduction.
The type of heat transfer by currents in a fluid is... Convection
The type of heat transfer by waves through space is... radiation.
Which state of matter has no definite shape or volume? Gasses.
Which state of matter has definate shape and volume? Solid.
What properties identify a gas? No definate shape or volume.
What properties identify a solid? Minimum molecular motion.
Change of phase that involves a solid directly into a gas is: sublimation
Change of state from a gas to a liquid is: Condensation.
Matter that takes a long time to heat up and a long time to cool down has: High specific heat.
The slope of a X vs t graph is: Velocity
The slope of a V vs t graph is: Acceleration.
The value of an object's acceleration may be characterized in equivalent words by: Rate of change of velocity.
Created by: bekaleelulu